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DSF News is the section we post news related to the fishing community, weather, and the like.

Myrtle Beach Sets Creel Limit On Jeeps

The Jeep Grand Cherokee That Was stuck in the surf on Myrtle Beach during Hurricane Dorian was the best live troll ever. You have to love social media some days. Once that jeep grand cherokee stuck in the surf at Myrtle beach was on the news, the internet went wild. The memes were hilarious and plentiful. My favorite was the "Get that man a

Airing Down Old School Versus New School

There are many ways to air down your vehicle for driving on the beach or off-roading Airing down is necessary to drive on a beach in Delaware and most of the east coast. It should be required. Florida is a little different, have you met Florida man. The sand in Florida in many areas is calcium based and it packs like cement. That

Weekend Warrior Weather For Surf Fishing

Another beautiful weekend to surf fish, despite the minor nautical conditions Lately it seems every weekend we have to deal with some kind of weather. We prefer the good weather but the bad can be good depending on the conditions. This weekend is going to be a little rough on the water but should be good fishing the beaches. High tide

Delaware Beach Clean Ups Have resumed

Volunteers gather every week and clean Delaware State Park beaches We finally got back in the swing of things and cleaned the point beach today. I had to cancel the last few for several reasons. Now that all is better we an get back to cleaning the beaches every week. Today was nice there was hardly any trash on the beaches. Hurricane

Full Moon On Friday The Thirteenth What Could Go Wrong

The Full Harvest Moon Is On Friday The Thirteenth September’s full moon is called the harvest moon. Crops are already being harvested all around Sussex county. Also known as the corn moon to the Native Americans, it would happen during the time of the corn harvest. This year’s September full moon is a harvest moon because it is the

Delaware Fishing Report Weekend Wrap Up

Great weekend for fishing once Hurricane Dorian's Storm Surge Calmed Down. Saturday turned out much better than was expected. The surf was rough from Hurricane Dorian storm surge, but people were catching fish. Sunday was even better, still big waves, but fishing was not too bad either. Not everyone caught fish but that is the case

Delaware State Parks Bans Firewood

Delaware State Parks Has Banned The Use Of Outside Firewood Due To The Spotted Lantern Fly Quarantine. In order to help stop the spread of the Spotted Lantern Fly, Delaware State Parks has banned the use of outside firewood. That means you can not bring fire wood with you to the campgrounds or the parks. No matter where you are from.

Building A Boat Ramp

Ever Wonder What Goes Into Building a Boat Ramp Check Out Millsboro Pond The Mumford & Miller Concrete General Contractor crews are hard at work on the Millsboro pond boat ramp. When I head to town for errands I like to drop by and check the progress. I never knew how much rebar goes into a boat ramp, but I do now. Can't wait until this is