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DSF News is the section we post news related to the fishing community, weather, and the like.

Advisory Council on Tidal Finfisheries Meeting

Now is your chance to sit in on these fishery meetings form home. I see many complain they never have time or the meetings are too far away. I have even heard they set the meeting times on purpose to make it difficult to get to a meeting. That isn't true, but believe what you want. I think it is an excuse for not wanting to go, or to

Time To Cast Some Spells

Happy Halloween from everyone of us at DSF. Been a crazy year, make the best of this day. Full moon tonight, no it isn't actually blue, but if it were would that surprise you at this point?Daylight savings, we get an extra hour of this insane year. Go fishing and relax.

Faithful Steward Crossing Is Closed

Delaware State Parks closed Faithful Steward crossing for oil debris clean up. It will be open again by Monday possibly Sunday afternoon. There is still oiled debris on the beaches and in the double wrack line from the hurricane surge and the last storm surge. So we have two areas on the beach that have a line of oiled debris. Close

Big Winds Incoming

I'm watching live as the storm system moves across the Delmarva region on DelmarvaWX. The rain is steadily increasing out here in the country. Soon the trees will be rocking form wind. Hopefully we don't ose any. Brches and flying debris will be an issue. Be careful along wooded roadways. Active Delaware Advisories (Delmarva

Motorists Urged to Watch Out for Deer Crossing Roadways

Peak Deer Activity Calls for Vigilance at Dawn, Dusk and Night Late October through November is prime time for increasing white-tailed deer activity in Delaware, leading up to their peak mating season in mid-November. With more deer crossing roadways, along with shorter days ahead, especially after the Nov. 1 change from daylight saving time