The Drinking Beaches Are Clear

Don’t Park in the wet spot

Break out the generators and blenders, its day drinking at the drive on beaches! The summer has started.
The weather has cleared but don’t park in the wet spot. High tide is at 2PM ish. The picture above is low tide at 8:45 AM Expect the water to come up into the swales left behind. Park near or in the last high tide wrack line which will be close to the dunes. I figure at least three vehicles will get swamped today in swales.

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the bar in front of that jeep in is the one in the picture being exposed at low tide. The swale behind it is subtle but will fill with water during the incoming tide.
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The surf is wide in the wash still and that trough will be there for about a week or so. You will have to wade to cast from the front sand bar. Be careful the swales can be deep in spots. The sand can be quick and deep as well in the swales. DO NOT DRIVE through any wet sand near the wrack line the next few days. Walk across any area first you are unsure about.

Have a great day and remember why we have this day.

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