NOAA’s Wrecks and Obstructions Database And Viewer

NOAA has this handy online guide for wrecks and obstructions.

If you haven’t checked this handy tool out it is really helpful to find wrecks and obstructions for boaters and fishing. Even obstructions are good to fish, this is structure and fish hang on structure. Not only for food but protection. Most “structure” eventually becomes a reef or reeflike covered in life that supports the ecosystem and fauna.
The NOAA Wrecks and Obstructions Database website has a lot of really cool information and charts. The viewer is limited and doesn’t have everything listed out there, but is a good guide to use.

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NOAA’s Coast Survey’s Wrecks and Obstructions Map viewer
NOAA … “Coast Survey’s Automated Wreck and Obstruction Information System (AWOIS) contains information on over 10,000 submerged wrecks and obstructions in the coastal waters of the United States. Information includes latitude and longitude of each feature along with brief historic and descriptive details. “

NOAA, delaware surf fishing, Wrecks and Obstructions Database viewer
Wrecks and Obstructions Database viewer

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