Best Perseid Meteor Shower Peak In Years

The best meteor shower of the summer started peaking last night.

This is the best year to view the Perseids due to little to no moonlight at night. This won’t happen again for two years, the moon really washes out the subtle shooting stars. Tonight with up to 85 meteors possible per hour, last night’s peak was rough until the clouds finally broke. I managed one picture but the cloud’s haze makes it difficult to see. I saw a lot of long streaks which are the preferred to see. Staying up all night is tough, hoping to do better tonight. The peak of the peak is tonight. Last night was more laid back in numbers but some good ones were seen.

perseid meteor, delaware surf fishing.
Center frame is a tiny streak hazed out form the clouds last night.
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The preferred time to start viewing is at midnight lasting until predawn hours. You can see some before the midnight hour after it gets dark and possibly an earth grazer or fireball. Those are rare but occur.

Find a nice dark spot, lay back and watch the whole sky. Trying to catch one on the camera has become a new favorite challenge, just keep shooting. You can set up a Go Pro to shoot the shooting stars while you sleep.
When I see one and it isn’t in frame whihc is most of th etime I need a wide angle lens. It is as frustrating as missing a fish.
I don’t change the camera angle, I just keep shooting. I’ve been using my 18mm lens at 25 seconds, F3.5 and ISO 400 to 800. Take some test shots and pick your preference. The 800 ISO setting is working better with the darker sky The Perseids are created when the Earth passes through the debris tail of Comet Swift-Tuttle.

I am using the Photo Pills app to help me line up shots. Highly recommend this app for all kinds of astrophotography pictures. It is amazing what this app can do, now if it could only take the shot for me.

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Photo pills app screen shot

The the Delta Aquariid meteor shower is still active too. You can sit out at night in August, stare at the sky and see the occasional meteor. We see them a lot when we are surf fishing at night. I would love to see a meteor storm one of these days.

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