Don’t Park On The “Hump” At Low Tide

Storm surge swells fill the swales fast, don’t get stuck on the hump

(Sept 11, 2021) … Low tide was an hour plus ago (5:45 AM), high tide is at noon thirty. Heading out this morning surf anglers will see a surf washed cleared beach, wet swale areas and the “hump”. That hump is between the swales and the ocean. It looks like high ground, but it really isn’t. Everyone thinks park there and be fine. Most times you are fine as long as the water doesn’t come over the hump. When that happens the swale fills in behind you and you are on an island.

The features of the beach this morning in Delaware Seashore State Park looking north towards Dewey beach Sept 11, 2021 at 6:45 AM
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In the picture you see the water has washed the beach flat to the dune base closer to the bridge at the north beach area. High tide is at noon thirty and will push water nearly to the dune base again in those areas. Until the beach rebuilds this will be an issue for a while.
The swales will fill in as water pushes across the hump in the low spots. Which is usually farther up from this picture at Conquest near the access. This can start happening as early as midway to high tide, today that would be around 9 to 10 AM.
That water will flow into the swale and fill in behind the hump. Most of the time people don’t see that happening. It can hap[pen hundreds of feet down the beach and you can’t even see it. Then all of a sudden, there is water flowing in the swale behind you like a river.
If you are parked on the hump you could be fine. So long as water doesn’t flow across the hump, but now you are stuck on an island. No way to get out of there until the tide goes out.
If you see water starting to flow into a swale and you are on the hump, move to the dune base side. This can happen really fast depending on how much water pushes across the hump, and it can happen slowly.

Just watch your six and be smart with swales on the incoming or flood tide.

Delaware Seashore State Park looking north towards Dewey beach Sept 11, 2021 at 6:45 AM

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