Video of the Knot Stressin’ crew Rescued by Fishbone’s Crew

Knot Stressin’ crew Rescued by Fishbone’s Crew On Day One of The White Marlin Open 2021

Fishbone, like most boats in high dollar tournaments have video recording while fishing. They captured a video of their rescue of the of the Knot Stressin’ crew. Way to go captain and crew! That is a solid catch and keep. All hands were fine and no injuries were reported.

It is a rare thing these days to see competitors help one another. We are seeing it in the Olympics. Today we saw it in The White Marlin Open. Millions on the line for prize money, thousands paid to compete and these boys drop, stop, and rescue a competitor. That is class and karma will reward them in the future. An example that many should learn and lead with in all competitions. Thank you gentlemen and ladies, you did better than well today. You’re the real winners of the 2021 White Marlin Open.

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