Cape Henlopen Fishing Pier Sections Closed For Repairs

Sections of the fishing pier will close during repairs.

(Sept 17, 2021) … The Cape Henlopen Fishing Pier is having several pylons repaired. Crews will fence off sections to work on these pylons. The pier will be open for fishing during this work. Many of the rotted out pylons will be sleeved and encased in concrete. The crews will repair pylons in sections, and then move to another area. No idea how long this will take or the cost. It is done every few years. Maybe they can add some steps to the beach on each side so people will stop jumping the fence and walking through the dunes.

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Eroded pier pole of the Cape Henlopen fishing pier.

We need some one with some serious money to just help the parks and rebuild the pier. Put the “T” back on the end and be done with it. Build a new pier!
The amount of money spent on these repairs in just the past eight years would pay for a new pier. Parks is losing money by not having the pier at its original size to accommodate more anglers who have gone elsewhere. Maybe get Council on Recreational Fishing Funding to kick in some money. Since that is what our recreational fishing license money is supposed to be used for instead of their pet projects. You would be surprised how much fishing access we lose that we pay for with license fees. That money is supposed to be used to keep fishing accesses maintained and create new ones.
The Cape Henlopen Fishing Pier is also a historical landmark, maybe get the Feds to help with the American Antiquities Act.
Maybe make it like the piers in Ocean City. Charge a fee to use the pier that includes a fishing license. Those piers when they get damaged are rebuilt in no time because there is money to do that. The Cape Henlopen pier takes months to get any work done.

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Pylons encased to repair them from damages

If you  are looking for other piers to fish or crab there are a few options.  Masseys Landing has a great fishing pier, but the crabbing is not that good due to fast water currents.  Holts Landing state park has a great fishing pier and decent crabbing.  
The old boat ramp docks in Lewes have been real popular as of late, especially for flounder and croaker fishing, the crabbing is not too bad either.
 Rosedale Beach has a great crabbing pier and the fishing is not too bad but you have to put in some time. Lot of short bass action when the water cools down, the occasional flounder can be jigged up around the pier structure.
Cupola Parkin MIllsboro offers decent bank fishing and has plenty of entertainment for the kids. It is the head waters of the Indian River at the spillway for Millsboro pond. There is a small boat ramp there perfect for kayaks.
 Milton has a very nice pier near Wagamons pond below the spillway. The head waters of the Broadkill River.
Both of these are brackish water fishing with freshwater fish in the mix.
Many state boat ramps have fishing piers as well, such as the Milford boat ramp.

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Crews working on fencing off the pier for repairs

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