Midnight High Tide Coastal Flooding

The beaches are already flooded.

May 29, 2021 … Beaches are already flooded and high tide is two hours out at midnight. It is expect to be almost three feet higher than normal That usually means worse than the minor tidal flooding we had on the last high tide. Route 1 will most likely flood above the bridge, below Dewey Beach and the entrance road for the south Indian River inlet parking area. Long Neck road will probably wash over. Of course the usual low spots will fill up. The wind is already cranking back up.

The inland bays are still full of water from the last high tide minor flooding earlier. Low tide looked like a decent high tide. Expect back bay areas to flood worse than earlier. High tide is at midnight at the inlet, and about 2 AM for most of the inland bay communities. Water will be up before high tide anyway.

I know it will be worse because my old neighbor’s along Indian River bay have already moved all their cars to high ground. When we know that tide will be worse the next round and possibly the next morning too. We would move the vehicles to higher ground and walk out if we needed to go anywhere. Years of fun dealing with the inland bay floods living near the water, you learn quick.
For those on vacation that have never experienced a nor’easter.

Well here ya go.
Check beach conditions on the Atlantic Sands Hotel Rehoboth Beach webcam is now working and has two views that “pan” live.

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Rehoboth Beach at 10 PM from the Atlantic Sands Rehoboth Beach boardwalk webcam

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