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DSF News is the section we post news related to the fishing community, weather, and the like.

The Delta Aquarid Meteor Shower Peaks

The summer meteor showers are happening and soon to peak Delta Aquarid Meteor happens when Earth passes through the stream of debris left behind by the comet 96P/Maccholz. Producing about ten to twenty meteors per hour. The peak is July 28th to the 29th. The radiant area is the constellation Aquarius, near the star Delta Aquarii.

BOLO For Stolen Delaware Surf Fishing Tag

There have been a lot of stolen Delaware Surf Fishing tags and stickers this year. This is a surf tag theft that will be hard to hide. This is a numbered Delaware Surf Fishing black tag that Delaware State parks auctions off to raise money. The sticker on it is a two year one for 2022. Not the 2019 pictured. I doubt this will be used to

Ethanol Free Fuel Now Available In Sussex County

Boaters can purchase Ethanol Free gas in Sussex County (July 22. 2021) ... For years now boaters, boat mechanics, dealers, and everyone using watercraft haven not only wanted ethanol free gas, but needed it. People would go to Maryland to just purchase this gas if they could. That and beer in a convenience store, because Maryland does

From Wigs To Whistle Pigs

Kevin gets the snag of the week, twice and it was only Tuesday For once today is not April 1st and you can't make this up. Last weeks catch was a wigKevin ... I was hoping for our first day out it would be just another day surf fishing. Yeah, nope. I loaded up the girls, I wanted to hit the beach for the first time and that east wind

Flounder Pounder 2021 Canceled

The 2021 Flounder Pounder has been canceled Due to short staffing at Paradise Island the Flounder Pounder has been canceled this year. It isn't easy running a tourney with less people, I know that first hand. That being said I know a guy with a crew that could help run this puppy with ease. Maybe next year gang.

DNREC Issues Code Orange Air Quality Alert

The Wildfire smoke is creating that haze in the sky. My eyes have been watering for days. This wildfire smoke haze will produce some wild sunsets this evening, possibly into Friday. The sun was easy to0 look at this morning due to the smoke. This form all the wildfires out west. DNREC ... Wednesday, July 21 is a Code Orange Air Quality

White Creek Dredging Project

Information Session for White Creek Dredging Project to Be Held on July 28 The Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control will hold a virtual information session on Wednesday, July 28 to discuss the upcoming White Creek maintenance dredging project in Sussex County. The public meeting will be held from 5 to 6:30 p.m. via