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DSF News is the section we post news related to the fishing community, weather, and the like.

Wednesday Night It Is Going To Blow

Another storm will hit us Wednesday Night with high winds Unlike last weekend with the offshore tropical storm surges and winds. We will only have a windy storm Wednesday. Gale force winds, small craft advisories. Possibly some minor coastal flooding. Winds could reach 50 mph gusts with a lot of rain. I wouldn't worry too much

Delaware Surf Fishing Tournaments 2020

Delaware Surf Fishing Tournaments for the year 2020, get your calendars marked. The year is almost over, or at least it seems like it. Planning ahead for events is one way to make a year go by really fast, trust me on that, I am in outdoor expo mode right now for winter and spring. We do have one more tournament for the year. The Fall

Delaware Surf Fishing Beach Trashed Saturday Night

Constant Misuse of Drive On Beaches Could Reduce Access For Surf Anglers and Beach Visitors Beach Plum Island State Park was trashed over night. Literally there is a bag of trash spread all over the beach, and a fire is still burning. The trash bag was likely spread around by animals (foxes). There is also a truck left behind, stuck in

Fall Fish Bowl Surf Fishing Tournament 2019

Fall Fish Bowl Surf Fishing Tournament 2019 is on November 30th, Thanksgiving Weekend Last year due to an overwhelming response we were asked to set up a fall fish surf fishing tournament for later in the season. We picked Thanksgiving weekend because people are able to get around easier on a holiday. Not to mention by Friday,

Surf Fishing Nor’easter Conditions Where And How

Surf Fishing Nor'easter conditions is fun and you can catch fish, just be careful People keep asking should I surf fish this storm surge, and they absolutely should. We always surf fish nor’easter conditions in the fall for striped bass. Bait fish are pushed into pockets and against structure. Striped bass love to feed in these conditions. The

Another High Tide And Tidal Flood Cycle Begins

High tide is an hour away (8:22 AM) for the beaches and a couple hours away for the inland bay communities. Water is stacked up in the inland bays. The wind is out of the north, but tonight after midnight it will shift to west winds. That will help push water out of the inland bays on the outgoing tide. Everyone is hoping this is the last