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DSF News is the section we post news related to the fishing community, weather, and the like.

ASMFC Summer Meeting Webinar Menhaden and Striped Bass

Menhaden Ecological Reference Points Are Today at 1:30 ASMFC Summer Meeting Webinar - August 3 - 6, 2020 ... Atlantic Menhaden Management Board Supplemental listen in live. Welcome/Call to Order (S. Woodward)Board ConsentApproval of AgendaApproval of Proceedings from May 2020Public CommentReview Ecological Reference Point Work Group

47th White Marlin Open Day One is Live

The scales just opened at the 47th annual White Marlin Open. The scales are not open to the public this year, but there is a viewing area in the 3rd Street Ballpark in Ocean city and online. Michael Jordan is here again this year on the Catch 23. There are 433 boats fishing for a world record fishing purse of $6.7 million dollahs!!! 3rd

Delaware State Parks Closes Drive On Beaches

Preparing for Hurricane Isaias. Delaware state parks is closing all drive on beaches. "Effective at sunset 8/3/2020 all DSSP surf crossings will be closed and will remain closed through the duration of the storm. This includes all Fenwick Island surf crossings as well. The crossings will be evaluated the morning of Wednesday 8/5/2020. "

Get Your Boats Ready For Hurricane Isaias

Every time there is a huge storm we see boats sunk afterwards. If you are pulling your boat for the coming hurricane, get it scheduled now. I've seen these crews work in serious flooding waters to rescue boats at the last minute. That is dangerous for them and your boat, but mostly the crews. Call in today and get it scheduled as soon as

Hurricane Isaias Preparation From DelmarvaWx

Being prepared is not panicking, but panicking from not being prepared is a nightmare You can never be too careful with an approaching storm like Hurricane Isaias. It keeps building and getting a little stronger. Even though it is a ways off it is always good to be prepared for any possibility. Anyone remember that tropical storm a few