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DSF News is the section we post news related to the fishing community, weather, and the like.

New Right Whale Slow Zone East Of Ocean City MD

On November 11, 2021, the Woods Hole Ocean City buoy detected right whales East of Ocean City, MD. Because of this detection, the right whale Slow Zone is in effect immediately until November 26, 2021. All vessels 65 feet (19.8 meters) or longer must travel at 10 knots or less. Other boats just be wary of the possibility. Slow Zone waters

Delaware Surf Fishing Tags Will Go On Sale Soon

The question of the month has been when are the surf tags going on sale. (Nov 14, 2021) ... I contacted parks the other day to see when surf tags were going on sale. "We are working on that right now, getting everything in place. It will be late November to early December. We will be able to confirm a date soon. The low digit

DNREC to Remove Holts Landing State Park Boat Ramp Dock

DNREC to Remove Holts Landing State Park Boat Ramp Dock for Repairs (Dover Nov 12, 2021) ... The Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control will remove the Holts Landing State Park boat ramp dock next week (Nov 15 -19th) until spring 2022. The dock was damaged by a storm and a severe low- and high-tide cycle.  The dock

Small Craft Advisory Spring Tides Continue

Spring tide still an issue in Lewes today with the combination of the winds. Expect some minor tidal flooding on roads. in the usual spots. Water is still rough with more wide surf today. Big waves all afternoon and will calm down into the evening. The rest of the week will calm a little more, then pick back up on Friday. With a possible

November Meteor Showers Are Starting To Peak.

The Leonid, Southern And Northern Taurids Meteor Showers are Here The Sothern Taurids are the first to peak with maximum activity Thursday, Nov. 4, into the early hours of Friday, Nov. 5. Northern Taurids one week later on the night of Thursday, Nov. 11, into Friday, Nov. 12. The Taurids are created by debris left behind by Encke's

Spring Tides This Weekend

The term spring tides has nothing to do with the season. (Nov 4, 2021) ... Saturday we will see some minor tidal flooding in low areas from spring tides, in the fall. Also known or referred to as king tides. The term spring tide is a common historical term that derives from the idea the tide is "springing forth". Which it does twice each

Incredibly Rare Coin Found On A Delaware Beach

Not your typical rare coin find on coin beach. Everyone wants to find buried treasure at the beach. It is a fantasy of every breach comber when they hunt the beaches for "treasures". Who wouldn't want to find a bit of pirate loot? Even if it was just a copper coin for the common folk. My buddy Joey "Baga Donuts" and his dad were here