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DSF News is the section we post news related to the fishing community, weather, and the like.

Donate to Frets 4 Vets With Amazon Smile

You can help raise money for Frets 4 Vets by shopping through Amazon Smile when you use Amazon. Delaware Surf Fishing has been helping Tom Baker raise money for Frets 4 Vets via our surf fishing tournaments and any other efforts where we can help. We want to do more and I asked Tom how else can we help? He told me that anyone shopping

Weekend Nor’easter Update

I Asked Jeff Wise To Give Us His Thoughts On This Coastal Storm System He Always Has A Great Eye On The Weather A Potpourri of Watches and Warnings Being Issued by the NWS ...Jeff Wise The threat has been advertised since the beginning of the week for a potent Nor’easter to move up and along the eastern seaboard. But will hug it the coast

The Leonids Meteor Shower Will Peak This Weekend

The Leonids Meteor Shower Will Peak Sometime After Midnight Near The Constellation Leo The weather is looking close to good enough to see this show but we have a nasty storm headed this way. The Leonids meteor shower will peak this weekend, November 16- 17th. Usually producing 10-20 meteors/hour. The moon is waning gibbous and will be a

Rare Meteor Storm Could Light Up The Sky

The Alpha Monocerotids are expected to briefly light up the sky November 21st at 11:50 PM EST with a meteor outburst or storm. This meteor shower or storm might only last about a half an hour and produce upwards of four hundreds meteors per hour. In the past it has produced a thousand plus per hour, lighting up the sky raining

2020 Delaware Surf Fishing Tags On Sale Soon

DNREC’S Division of Parks & Recreation announces sale of 2020 annual passes and surf fishing permits on Dec. 6  DOVER (Nov. 12, 2019) – DNREC’s Division of Parks & Recreation announced today that the sale of 2020 annual passes and surf fishing permits will begin on Friday Dec. 6. Revenue generated from park entrance fees is used to

Northern Taurid Meteor Shower Peaks Tonight

Following the Southern Taurids show, the Northern Taurids will peak tonight. This shower is not known for a lot of meteors, but the ones it produces are the best fireballs. Sometimes breaking up as they streak across the sky and burn up. Often producing an orange light or glow. Due to their slower speed and bright light the taurids are