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DSF News is the section we post news related to the fishing community, weather, and the like.

Moon lit beach.

Moon lit beach. The surf is glowing and calm, like the edge of a lake. The moon reflects bright in the wet sand.Wind is non existent, almost to the slack of the low tide now. Nothing stirring in the water, but the lap of the waves. The ships at the anchorage are aglow, small cities floating on the bay. The light houses turn and turn. I can see my

Black Sand On Delaware Beaches

Why is the sand black? Every coastal storm erodes the beaches, stirring and shifting the sand. The amount of sand that moves around is huge in some areas. Dark streaks or large patches of black sand collect along the beaches' surface. It freaks people out, but it is supposed to be there. A combination of dense minerals such as,

Calmer But Wide, Check The Beaches At Low Tide

The last storm surge waves carved a new profile in the beach face, surf fishing structure is different for a while. Surf is wide and washed out, but much calmer than expected. Low tide is around five thirty. I would go out now to dark and scout the beaches for good cuts and little tide pool holes. When high tide is in full, those will

Beach Driving Hazard At Conquest

There is a small drop off on Conquest Beach (Sept 24, 2021) ... For anyone driving out at night to get a spot for the tournament. Seeing beach hazards and holes at night is tough due to shadows. This drop off is the same it would be deceptively small looking at night.The drop off is on the upper beech at Conquest, just south of the drive

Weekend beach conditions are a little nautical

The surf fishing beaches look good for driving, just a wider surf wash (Sept 23, 2021) ... The weekend conditions will be a little "active" for surf fishing. Five foot swells Friday that will calm into Sunday. Wide surf wash conditions for fishing. Small cliffs at the surf's edge. Exploring at low tide would help find good cuts for

We Trashed Over A Hundred Turtle Killers Tuesday

Mylar and latex balloons are the real turtle killers (Sept 23, 2021) ... Tuesdays beach clean up was productive, we set a new record for Mylar Balloon catches. I hate saying that about trash but it was a good day to clean a beach. Much like surf fishing success stories, we hit it at the right time. I drove on early around six in the

Faithful Steward Crossing Cleared

This morning a lone dozer cleared the loose sand on Faithful Steward crossing. The access is used the most since it is the only one open at night. This is done by soil and conservation or maybe they are called watershed stewardship now I can never keep up with all the department name changes. Bulldozer clearing sand from Faithful Steward

Time To Surf Fish At Rehoboth Beach

Off Season Surf Fishing Is Fun In Rehoboth Beach (Sept 20, 2021) ... Free parking just started in Rehoboth for the off season. That means we can park and surf fish for less. There is decent surf fishing near the jetty by the Henlopen Hotel and the storm drain structures. Especially when the striped bass start schooling up and feeding.

Rough Surf Saturday From Odette Swells

Small craft and rip current advisories are up until this evening. (Sept 18, 2021) ... The swells are five to six feet and will calm down some Sunday afternoon. The rip current risk will last into Sunday afternoon. Just be careful in the water. No one is swimming in this junk on a drive on beach, we know better. Okay I think we know