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DSF News is the section we post news related to the fishing community, weather, and the like.

Faithful Steward Crossing Cleared

This morning a lone dozer cleared the loose sand on Faithful Steward crossing. The access is used the most since it is the only one open at night. This is done by soil and conservation or maybe they are called watershed stewardship now I can never keep up with all the department name changes. Bulldozer clearing sand from Faithful Steward

Time To Surf Fish At Rehoboth Beach

Off Season Surf Fishing Is Fun In Rehoboth Beach (Sept 20, 2021) ... Free parking just started in Rehoboth for the off season. That means we can park and surf fish for less. There is decent surf fishing near the jetty by the Henlopen Hotel and the storm drain structures. Especially when the striped bass start schooling up and feeding.

Rough Surf Saturday From Odette Swells

Small craft and rip current advisories are up until this evening. (Sept 18, 2021) ... The swells are five to six feet and will calm down some Sunday afternoon. The rip current risk will last into Sunday afternoon. Just be careful in the water. No one is swimming in this junk on a drive on beach, we know better. Okay I think we know

Red Drum Simulation Model Workshop

Red Drum Simulation Model Workshop Scheduled for October 4-7, 2021 Arlington, VA – The Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission (Commission) will hold a Red Drum Simulation Model Workshop as part of the ongoing simulation assessment. The simulation assessment was recommended by the Commission’s Assessment Science Committee as part of a

Port Mahon Fishing Pier to Close for Emergency Repairs

Port Mahon Fishing Pier to Close for Emergency Repairs The Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control has closed the Port Mahon Fishing Pier off Port Mahon Road east of Dover until further notice for emergency repairs after a broken support piling was found during a routine inspection. The pier’s closure by the DNREC

Rip Current and Small Craft Advisory

There is a rip current and small craft advisory into Saturday evening (Sept 17, 2021) ... Nawwtikkcuuhhlll is the condition this morning on all our waters and will last into Saturday evening. Beaches are getting a little surf wash but nothing to worry about for driving on. Just mind the incoming tide this afternoon if you are surf fishing

Cape Henlopen Fishing Pier Sections Closed For Repairs

Sections of the fishing pier will close during repairs. (Sept 17, 2021) ... The Cape Henlopen Fishing Pier is having several pylons repaired. Crews will fence off sections to work on these pylons. The pier will be open for fishing during this work. Many of the rotted out pylons will be sleeved and encased in concrete. The crews will

Truck Stuck On Edge Of Marina Rocks

No there isn't a tow truck in the Indian River Inlet. (Sept 16, 2021) ... This truck is stuck on the rocks at the southside marina at the Indian River inlet. Big difference than the inlet itself. Though still pretty annoying for the driver I am sure. Just to quell all the questions being sent to us on Facebook about what is going on, "I

Space X Launched Tourists Into Space Tonight

Yes that was a rocket launch, full of space tourists. Falcon 9 launched Inspiration4, the first all-private crewed mission to orbit. They launched the dragon capsule from LC-39A, Kennedy Space Center, Florida. The crew will spend the next three days orbiting earth and then return. The mission is a fundraiser to raise money for St Judes