Does Rehoboth Need These Shark Cages

We keep seeing social media posts about sharks at Rehoboth beach. Lifeguards pulling swimmers. For a four to five foot dusky shark or even a dogfish. Yes a beach was cleared one year for a dogfish, it made the paper. A dogfish nearly four feet long washed up on the beach. Then there was that one year the Rehoboth lifeguards cleared a “dead” shark and everyone panicked.
We get the safety concern. We are wondering if maybe these homemade shark cages would be good for the swimmers. I think the largest problem is the lack of education when it comes to sharks and our oceans. If people knew what the banner plane pilots could see, they would never go back in the water.
Sharks are always present in the ocean, they live there. The deeper you get into the water the lower you are on the food chain.

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