BOLO For Stolen Delaware Surf Fishing Tag

There have been a lot of stolen Delaware Surf Fishing tags and stickers this year.

This is a surf tag theft that will be hard to hide. This is a numbered Delaware Surf Fishing black tag that Delaware State parks auctions off to raise money. The sticker on it is a two year one for 2022. Not the 2019 pictured.
I doubt this will be used to get on a beach, it will probably wind up on a wall somewhere in a man cave. We Delawareans just love our numbered tags, even surf tags.

The owner can easily get parks to issue a new tag. It is a huge hassle, but it can be done. Especially for what some of these tag have gone for at auction. Delaware Surf Fishing Tag Number 1 Sold For $26,000 in 2016 at the Boo B Que. We bid on one for up to twenty grand that day too, that was fun.

If you happen to know this Delaware Surf Fishing black numbered tag’s location maybe have the “new owner” contact us and return it no questions asked. We will get it to the rightful owner. A police report has been filed on this theft.

Also the new stickers are still falling off a lot more than expected. I am getting complaints a lot now. Check your stickers to be sure they are on the tag. Before you go on the beach. I have heard of people getting a violation for not having a sticker, because it fell off or was stolen too. New stickers can be acquired in any Delaware State park office or Delaware Surf Fishing tag vendor.

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Jim Weller with the Delaware Surf Fishing tag number 1 he won at auction in 2016

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