TS Henri Storm Surge Has Arrived For The Weekend

Surfs up you crazy, cool cats and kittens!

(August 20, 2021) … By the way Henri is pronounced Hun-Ree, yeah I don’t know or care why either. Let’s get name fancy as we pummel the coast a bit. The tide is at max high or flood right now (8:25 PM). The beach in rehoboth is flooded to the dunes a bit, and the swales are full. It isn’t bad now, but it will get worse each high tide. The storm tourists will love these conditions. Be careful if you have never experienced a storm at the beach. Conditions change fast.
The north beach and coin beach in DSSP swales are full of water. This is the beginning of the storm swell, expect this to increase and last into late Sunday morning. Henri is still south of us off the Carolinas. Check out Surf Captain for wave heights.

Tropical Storm Henri Quick Look

I would expect parks to close the drive on beaches possibly Saturday afternoon into Sunday for sure. Not a good idea to have open drive on beaches with people who are not used to these conditions. We aren’t even crazy enough tot attempt that drive. But there is always that one guy, and cars. The worst of the storm surge swells will be late Saturday into Sunday morning. If you are on the beach during the incoming tide watch the water swales fill fast and can trap your vehicle or worse..

jeep stuck in tide pool, its a jeep thing, jeep stuck at beach, delaware surf fishing, mag towing
the bar in front of that jeep in is the one in the picture being exposed at low tide. The swale behind it is subtle but will fill with water during the incoming tide.

Walking on and surf fishing is just fine. Check NOAA’s Tropical Storm Henri Quick look for real time tides. Click on the blue buoy pins. Early morning and evening high tides will be the worst conditions. As will the mid incoming tide times. The swales will fill DO NOT drive through the swales (tide pools). Even the wet looking swales can be soft wet sand that a vehicle will sink into fast.

tropical storm henri, beach conditions
Delaware Seashore at 8:30 PM
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Surf fishing these conditions is possible, but it is tricky. Fish the wash in front of the crushing waves. You aren’t holding bottom, hold your rod. Watch your back for floating debris washing up and moving fast in wave wash along the beach. DO NOT wear waders, if you’re surf fishing get wet, wear shoes. Nothing like a full set of waders after you get toppled, to pull you into a rip current like a drift anchor. Be safe and smart if you hit the beaches.
Check the NOAA

tropical storm henri, beach conditions
Lewes buoy real time tides compared to predicted.

Indian River Inlet tides …

2021/08/20Fri01:15 AM0.30L
2021/08/20Fri07:30 AM2.52H
2021/08/20Fri1:01 PM0.02L
2021/08/20Fri8:13 PM3.48H
2021/08/21Sat02:06 AM0.19L
2021/08/21Sat08:24 AM2.63H
2021/08/21Sat1:55 PM-0.06L
2021/08/21Sat9:01 PM3.48H
2021/08/22Sun02:52 AM0.11L
2021/08/22Sun09:13 AM2.72H
2021/08/22Sun2:46 PM-0.09L
2021/08/22Sun9:45 PM3.41H
tropical storm henri, beach conditions
Tropical Storm Henri weekend tides Indian River Inlet

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