New Right Whale Slow Zone East Of Ocean City MD

On November 11, 2021, the Woods Hole Ocean City buoy detected right whales East of Ocean City, MD. Because of this detection, the right whale Slow Zone is in effect immediately until November 26, 2021. All vessels 65 feet (19.8 meters) or longer must travel at 10 knots or less. Other boats just be wary of the possibility.
Slow Zone waters bounded by:

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NOAA Twitter ... A new right whale slow zone East of Ocean City MD is effective through 11/26! Mariners requested to transit at 10 knots or less. For info:

NOAA ... Right Whale Slow Zones is a program that notifies vessel operators of areas where maintaining speeds of 10 knots or less can help protect right whales from vessel collisions. Under this program, NOAA Fisheries provides maps and coordinates to vessel operators indicating areas where right whales have been detected. Mariners are encouraged to avoid these areas or reduce speeds to 10 knots or less while transiting through these areas for 15 days.
Right Whale Slow Zones are established around areas where right whales have been recently seen or heard; these areas are identical to Dynamic Management Areas (DMA) when triggered by right whale visual sightings but, they will also be established when right whale detections are confirmed from acoustic receivers.

NOAA Fisheries announces Right Whale Slow Zones to mariners through its customary maritime communication media and displays any active zones below, with the most recent designation first. }
All boaters, or interested parties, can sign up for email notifications by clicking here and selecting “Right Whale Slow Zones” under the Regional New England/Mid-Atlantic subscription topics. You can also follow us on Facebook (@NOAAFisheriesNEMA) and Twitter (@NOAAFish_GARFO) for announcements. You can check for Right Whale Slow Zones on our online right whale sightings map. Or, you can download the free Whale Alert app, which will automatically notify you when you enter one of these areas.

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