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Bikes in parks, will they ever pay their fair share?

For years we have asked, why are bikes not regulated to pay a fee in parks like cars? The park’s fee isn’t an entrance fee to the park, it is a parking fee for vehicles. If it were an entrance fee, everyone in the car would have to pay. You can walk and ride a bike into a Delaware State Park for free. Which is fine until the bikes start using all of the things we pay for. Air stations, bathrooms etc. etc. People walking in doesn’t bother me mainly for the fact they are walking and they are allowed in for free. But a bike is treated like a vehicle everywhere else, so why not parks?

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Parks is constantly stating they are too broke to fix some things. We suggest charging the 200,000 plus a year bicyclists a yearly permit fee. Just a twenty dollar fee would pull four million for parks budget, per year. We are told they won’t due to discouraging people from using their bikes. Really? Have you seen some of these bike set ups? They are worth more than my beach buggy. I think a bicyclist can afford to help pay for the amenities they use so much. Reason being, when you have “skin in the game” you tend to take care of what you are using. Allowing free access promotes an entitled attitude. Just my two cents but parks needs money and this is one huge revenue source they are ignoring.

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