Rip Current Warning For Saturday Same Conditions At High Tide

Tomorrows high tide flooding will be about the same as today maybe a little less

(Sept 10, 2021) … Hurricane Larry storm surge will still be an issue for tomorrow’s high tide around a half hour past noon. Do NOT park on the sand “hump” between the swale and the ocean in the morning. Water will fill in behind you and could leave you stranded like my buddy Rolf in the picture below from a few years ago. It may look fine in the early morning but it will change drastically most likely around 10 AM. When the swales fill it could be farther away than you notice and then all of a sudden you are surrounded by water.
Do Not Park In Or Drive Through Swales

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Rolf Mair got a little jammed up a while back and was on his own “island” We have all done this at one point. When swales fill in you can get stuck on the “hump” between the swale and the ocean. Once you are there you are on an island. Hopefully that is all that happens. Water washing around your tires will sink your vehicle into the sand. Much like when you stand in the surf and your feet sink from the wave action.
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If you do decide to drive across the empty swale, make sure it is dry enough. The edge along the ocean side is usually the softest sand, the quicksand. Walk across first, if your feet sink, your tires are going to go deeper. You can tell when it is too soft to drive across. Water drains out of swales through the sand. It takes a while and will sit just below the sand’s surface making it soft or quick. By tomorrow evening the waves should calm down and we will be good.
DO NOT Drive Through The Quick Sand

There are rip current warnings all day. Be careful swimming if you take a dip. Fish the rips for sure, holding bottom will be tough to impossible. We have caught fish in the deeper swales before. Short striped bass and bluefish will feed in that wide surf wash. The beaches will be flatter in some areas. The surf wash will be wide for a couple of days.

Be safe, smart and have fun.

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We parked real close to the swale edge and just walked in this was after a Sea Witch festival parade

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