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Surf Fishing Tournaments 2019

These are the surf fishing tournaments we are hosting this year and wanted to get you a list. We are using Stub Central now and not the other ticketing sites. This has proved to be a much more reasonable ticketing service, as well as

Three Seas Hits the Bays

Three Seas Loaded up on the marina crane A couple of years ago Sean Cummings got this crazy idea to build a small "house" if you will on a pontoon boat and named it the Hydro Hostel. He did that well I might add, rented it out as

14th Annual Long Neck Crab Races 2019

Dropping the chute to let the crabs run the "track" Every year around the 4th of July weekend, the Amvets in Long Neck, Delaware hosts the Long Neck Crab races. These are run by the Sons of the American Legion. "All monies raised

Hell Weather Week

If you are beach bound this week or anywhere on the water. Stay hydrated this is going to be the hottest week of the summer, yet. Traditionally this is one of the hottest weeks. It will start cooling off next week. Flies on any