Bennets Pier Has been Closed To Driving On

Due to litter, partying, off roading, and destruction of property Delaware Bay beaches are closing

There were a few Delaware Bay beaches that you used to be able to drive on and fish or just visit. No tags required, no actively fishing. It was a nice way to relax and fish with little to no company. No state park rules, minus respecting the beach and of course DNREC fishing regulations.
Over the past few years this access has been cut off more and more due to bad eggs ruining the beaches. Due to several issues the last of the drive on bay beaches is shut down, Bennets Pier. They hate hearing this, but it is usually a jeep that didn’t air down and sinks fast. I know this from all the pictures I have seen, yes trucks too, but mostly jeeps. Bay beach driving is different than ocean beaches. Just go try Beach Plum Island State park and you will know what I mean. These upper bay beaches are even worse to drive on. Usually when we go fish these we walk on anyway, it isn’t like you can drive that far.

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Bennett’s pier looking at Brockham Bridge gut with South Bowers beach to the north … photo by Jason Steagall

The latest closure is Bennets Pier beach. Due to trash left behind, torn up beaches, and what not. It was closed off in November. Now Deldot is installing concrete barriers to keep vehicles off the beach. It would appear the latest tear up in the picture that occurred this past Saturday (July 31) was due to someone going around the guard rails.
You can still walk out to most of these beaches and fish or just explore. All of these Delaware Bay beaches are Delaware State Property at the mean tide line to the water. However before the mean tide line they are owned by private individuals or Delaware Wildlands and are off limits to the public.

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The gate or barrier torn out at Bennets to be replaced by concrete barriers

Delaware Wildlands Facebook post“Recently we have been receiving some questions about the newly erected guard rails at the end of Bennett’s Pier Road at Milford Neck. With our support, DelDOT constructed this barrier to prevent unauthorized vehicle access to the beach at Bennett’s Pier. This beach is privately owned by Delaware Wild Lands, and is of high ecological importance as critical spawning habitat for horseshoe crabs and a valuable stopover point for numerous species of migratory birds. Vehicle trespass including trucks and ATV’s, trash dumping, illegal camping and partying, and other dangerous behavior has been a perennial issue on this beach, and has degraded and threatened habitat there. We hope that these barriers prevent further vehicular incursions onto the beach and help in our mission to preserve and protect the natural resources there. Foot traffic for passive and non-destructive recreation is permitted, but we ask that this is done on a strictly carry-in, carry-out basis. Thank you. ”

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Someone who did not Air Down and got stuck at Bennett’s Pier Saturday , tore the the dunes up driving and getting stuck … Oderus Mcgillicuddy

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