Deauville Beach Fee Proposal Survey

I’m not a fan of how projects are done at DNREC. You can chalk this up to that list as well. DNREC claims these days they are broke and need more money, we hear that every year. Especially from parks. There is a DNREC proposal out there for increased fees everywhere too, not just parks and this new mess. Pay attention that is coming out soon enough.
This is just the beginning of increased fees for access to poorly maintained park properties. We pay to use a park that barely has a fishing pier, that we can fish anymore, due to poor upkeep. If it were fixed tot he original length four times the amount of anglers could fish, buy licenses etc. thereby increasing the economic impact. Parks keeps going backwards in that arena instead.
Anyway …. If you ask me, we should put an ocean fishing pier at Deauville Beach.

Fill out the park’s Deauville beach survey.
Public comment period …. public comment to the Parks and Recreation Advisory Council at 9:30 a.m. on May 2, 2024, at Trap Pond State Park. You should show up to this meeting. These are the same people that approved this surf tag reservation system into a reality. Not many people know we have a parks and rec council. The meeting time is incredibly convenient for the public too. Also why are comments not recorded? I’ve never been to a public meeting that wasn’t recorded. I have been to plenty where public comments were not logged/recorded as per FOIA laws, but that’s another story.
Anyway …

Public Comment
Each speaker will be given 2 minutes to provide their public comment. Please
note, during this community presentation, comments are not recorded. All
questions and formal comments should be made through the online survey.

Public Comments from the online survey will be provided directly to the Parks and Recreation Advisory Council.

Deauville Beach Survey – Open until April 15.

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