Time To Surf Fish At Rehoboth Beach

Off Season Surf Fishing Is Fun In Rehoboth Beach

(Sept 20, 2021) … Free parking just started in Rehoboth for the off season. That means we can park and surf fish for less. There is decent surf fishing near the jetty by the Henlopen Hotel and the storm drain structures. Especially when the striped bass start schooling up and feeding. That won’t be long now at all.
There area few decent cuts on Rehoboth beach to fish as well. You just need your fishing license and gear. A small surf cart helps but I like to just walk out and throw lures. The nearest bait shop is Icehouse Bait and Tackle.
You can always check conditions with the Rehoboth Beach Boardwalk Webcam too.

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Parking near the Henlopen Hotel to walk on and fish Rehoboth Beach

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