Delaware Surf Fishing Tags Will Go On Sale Soon

The question of the month has been when are the surf tags going on sale.

(Nov 14, 2021) … I contacted parks the other day to see when surf tags were going on sale. “We are working on that right now, getting everything in place. It will be late November to early December. We will be able to confirm a date soon. The low digit numbered black Delaware Surf Fishing tag auction will be announced soon as well.”

Traditionally, before the tag limit, Surf tags went on sale around Black Friday. Once the limit was created tags sales were changed to allow the locals to get to them first, then online sales were done. Now parks uses a service, same as the camping reservations, taking the tag orders online. Not sure if there will be a difference this year as to when each sale starts. In office versus online sales. You had 4 months last year. We don’t need anymore fights over surf tags in Starbucks.

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The off-peak surf tag sticker is bright orange.

Do you need to camp out to get a tag? No you do not. I doubt tags will sell out as fast this year, but they will sell out. Last year people camped out to get a 1,000 vouchers released for tags. That was a wild night for every park. The next morning everyone was already lined up for vouchers that were gone in under an hour.

There is also the new Pilot Program Delaware Surf Fishing Off-Peak Tags option, not sure how that will be done this year either. That was created in response to tags selling out so fast due to parks limiting surf tag sales to 17,000 per year. We call them the “serf tags”

If everyone would just buy the two year surf tag, then this would not be a problem each year. That gives the potential for 34,00 tags in use. Last I checked with parks (2018) there were a little over 22,000 in circulation. I’m guessing there is more than that now, probably closer to over 25,000. Could be as high as 30,000.
Everyone buying a one year tag is clogging the new limited tag system. That is why the surf tags sell out each year. Buy a two year tag, problem solved for everyone.

The other way to solve this issue in the long run is if and when the tag limit goes to legislation. Tell your Delaware state representatives no surf tag limit. That little detail has yet to be done. At some point the tag limit has to be legislated into law.

While we are at that request, if we are going to make limits. Then let’s limit the vehicle numbers allowed at once and protect the resource better. Give people the room to have that experience we all cherish so much. As opposed to the summer circus parking lot on the sand.

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