MERR To Euthanize Fin Whale

The fin whale that washed up on the Delaware beaches will be euthanized today.

Unless you are living under a rock then you may have heard about the fifty foot fin whale stranded at the point yesterday. This morning it is just barely alive and will be euthanized. I can’t imagine what that costs. A cocktail of drugs is used and a big damn needle I am told.
Then after a necropsy by MERR. I am sure DNREC will haul it out of the water an bury it near the dunes, possibly in pieces. Fin whales are the second largest whale species, this one is fifty feet long. The last time a humpback whale washed up and was buried. It was at the point in Cape Henlopen State Park it had to be done with huge sand movers.

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Humpback whale that washed up at Cape Henlopen State Park’s point beach in 2018

At one point that humpback whale was exposed by scavengers and DNREC put a huge pile of sand on it. It made driving over that area dangerous because no one wants to get stuck in whale.

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Large sand mover headed to the beach to move the whale. These can actually get into the water and push.

If I were in cape today surf fishing I would stay out of the water “downstream” of this whale for water conditions. Then again that is a lot of “chumming” going on right now. Sharks are probably circling off the beach too. Should be neat to watch I experienced the lasttime they moved that whale at the point.

fin whale, cape henlopne state park, delaware surf fishing, merr
Fin whale still in the surf at Cape Henlopen State Park Friday morning.
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Hopefully they won’t go all Oregon in 1970 and make the mistake of trying to blow it up with half a ton of TNT. I remember seeing this on the news as a kid. It didn’t got to well for the spectators or the Oregon state road crew. Someone call DelDOT!
Dead whales will explode on their own from gas build up.

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