Recreational Water Advisory Tower Road Beach (Ocean)

Delaware Seashore State Park recreational Water Advisory

(August 24, 2021) … DNREC has issued a water advisory for recreational swimming at the Tower Road ocean side beach In Delaware Seashore State Park. A level of 121 Enterococcoi (Colonies/100ml) was detected today. It is expected to clear in two days. Fish are fine to eat so don’t freak out. If you have open wounds I would stay out of the water in that area.

Delaware Enterococcus Standards
(Colonies per 100 Milliliters of Water)

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Type: Recreational Water Advisory
Reason: Bacteria
Location: Tower Road-Ocean Beach
Start Date: 08/24/2021
Start Time: 15:45
End Date: 08/26/2021
End Time: 12:00
Description: Recreational Water Advisory
Comments: A water quality advisory has been issued for Tower Road-Ocean Beach following bacterial results which were above the recreational water quality standard. These bacteria most likely originate from wildlife sources and increased rainfall, waves or wildlife feeding near the surf (shorebirds, marine mammals or other warm blooded animals) can result in these indicator bacteria washing into the near shore waters. The advisory will be lifted once indicator bacteria levels are within the recreational water limits.

water advisory, Delaware beaches, Delaware seashore state park
Water quality tests the past couple months to present.
water advisory, Delaware beaches, Delaware seashore state park
Tower road beach Delaware seashore state park.

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