Tow Boat US to the Rescue

A Tow Boat US Membership Is Peace Of Mind

(September 3, 2021) …Everyone calls it the ride of shame and no one wants to be in one. If you own a boat this ride is almost inevitable. At some point every boat owner needs a tug, tow, or fuel.
There are two things I check for when I get on anyone’s boat, is there fuel and do you have a Tow Boat US membership? If they don’t have the membership I tell them they should get one. If they don’t have fuel, I usually skip the trip. How you gonna run a boat without fuel and not know you needed it? I’m kidding, actually I offer to fill the boat, no one rides for free. I can’t tell you how many times I have been on someone’s boat and it runs out of fuel in the worst spots. Like the middle of the Indian River Inlet, under the bridge, on an outgoing tide. Yes, that happened. We take extra fuel just in case or we call the boys.

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Tow Boat US Membership advantages

Last weekend I was at Masseys landing watching the weekend craziness. It is always an amazing show, some days you see the wildest boaters. We watched four boats get towed to the ramp in forty-five minutes.
The best tow job was of course Tow Boat Us Indian River/Lewes.
Good Samaritan tows are wonderful and appreciated, but getting you into the ramp can be tricky on a busy summer Saturday. Unlimited Tow Boat US members can be towed constantly.

tow boat us, tow boat us indian river, masseys dirch boat ramps, broken boat tow, ride of shame
Captain Mark Droney towing a boat into Masseys ditch

Last Saturday Captain Mark Droney was towing a boat into Masseys Ditch to the ramp. Before they get to the ramp area. He pulls the boats side by side and lashes them together. Then he drives both boats to the ramp in Masseys Ditch. Putting his towed “fare” in the sweet spot at the floating docks. Much better than the whip and drop most do when towing in a boat. I mean he can land both boats tied together better than most can land their own boat.
Very professional service and well done by Captain Mark of Tow Boat US. You can’t ask for, or get a better service in our waters. In Delaware Tow Boat US Indian River has all the waterways covered. Only issue may be on the crazy busy holidays and weekends, it can take a hot minute to get to you. I know last Saturday they had four tows at one time in twenty minutes. Captain Clarke Droney, owner of Tow Boat US Indian River, had to call in all the crews to work that afternoon. I’m sure they will be busy this weekend.

Tow Boat US Indian River
Tow Boat US Indian River shout out
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Get your Tow Boat US Membership. The peace of mind that comes with it is worth the price. Even if you don’t ever use it, much like car insurance, it is there if you need it for an emergency. I don’t own a boat and I have a membership because the service is good on all boats you own, borrow or rent. I am never getting stuck again. Only issue is if you are on a boat, and the owner is on the boat, and doesn’t have a membership, you can’t use yours. Make sure they have a Tow Boat US membership and if they don’t tell them to get it before you go out. Help them pay for it, after all you are getting a boat ride for free.

tow boat us, tow boat us indian river, masseys dirch boat ramps, broken boat tow, ride of shame
Tying the towed in boat off to bring it into the ramps floating docks.

We spent the entire night on and in a marsh one night, not a lot of fun, would not recommend 0/10. However it is one one of the funniest stories I will never tell. To this day I make sure we are good to go, before we leave the dock.
Gas, check … Tow Boat US membership, check … let’s roll!

Tow Boat US Membership pros and cons
Not a minute away from the ramp and it is off on another call already.
Tow Boat US Membership pros and cons
Captain Mark Droney Tow Boat US Indian River

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