Elsa Before and After

Elsa did blow but let us go

If you didn’t get a siren on your phone with fifty notifications for a tornado last night are you even living? Combined with every single person posting it on Facebook. It was a busy night for my phone which I put in a drawer at some point and went to bed. I’m laying there thinking if it happens it happens, I need sleep.

elsa, storm, delaware surf fishing,
After Elsa 8 AM Indian River Inlet North Beach
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The beaches are fine, everything is fine. The wash is a little wide on a few beaches from waves.
There was some damage around the county, but nothing compared to what it could have been. We just had a big storm blow by and she let it go.
Rehoboth already combed their beaches this morning. It is like nothing ever happened, my kind of storm. My garden is loving it minus a few plants that got whacked by wind. Beach combing will be good the next few days.
Rehoboth Beach web cams …
Rehoboth Beach Boardwalk web cam
Rehoboth Beach Cam
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Bethany Beach webcams …
Bethany Beach South Webcam
Bethany Beach Webcam South Surf
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elsa, storm, delaware surf fishing,
Before Elsa Rehoboth Beach 8 PM
elsa, storm, delaware surf fishing,
After Elsa Rehoboth Beach 8 AM

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