Delaware’s Council on Recreational Fishing Funding will meet virtually today at 7 p.m. Tuesday, September 21.

Pay attention to this council! Your Fishing License Money Is At Stake

I’ve asked hard questions in the past at these council meetings and been called a piece of shit by Eric Burnley. Who shouldn’t be on the council anymore as it has term limits. Neither should some of the other council members. It is not a bipartisan representation of the entire state, nor a good representation of the recreational fishing community as a whole.

This council is using your fishing license money for projects. Some of the money is being used for “pet” projects. It has even been used to reduce fishing accesses, instead of increasing or maintaining access.

Public comments never get published, a violation of FOIA laws. Every meeting I have ever attended has been a complete circus. The budget is over 4 million dollars a year they get to “use”. The fact the public is barely given any heads up when these meetings will occur is almost criminal. It is almost like they don’t want anyone to now what is occurring. The link below in the announcement is a dead link too. So we fixed that for you too.

recreational fishing funding council, Delaware
Recurring Delaware Fisheries Expenses

Delaware’s Council on Recreational Fishing Funding will meet virtually today at 7 p.m. Tuesday, September 21.  The Council will discuss the status of recreational fishing funds and the fishing access projects financed by the recreational fishing funds, and other topics. For information on connecting to the meeting and the meeting agenda, visit the Delaware Public Meeting Calendar at:

VIRTUAL MEETING INFORMATION WebEx Virtual Meeting. Event Number: 179 443 6403. Event password: CRFF921 Dial-in Number: 1.408.418.9388 (This is not a toll-free number) or online at

Agenda for September 21, 2020
7:00 PM
This is a Virtual Meeting. To Attend, Please Follow the Instructions Available on the State
Calendar: Welcome – Chairman
Approval of minutes from November 10, 2020 meeting – Council
Update on current and future project funds – DFW Staff
Update on current, approved, and potential construction projects – DFW Staff
Public Comments
Agenda items for next meeting – Council
Ending remarks and adjournment – Chairman

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recreational fishing funding council, Delaware
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recreational fishing funding council, Delaware
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