Happy Halloween Learn To Cast Spells To Catch Fish

Time to cast some spells, put a curse on a googan, and get the children ready for bait, I mean fishing.  In case your fishing has not been as good as Agnes’ we have a couple fish summoning spells for you to try.  By the way the right eye flounder in England is called the Witch Flounder.  There is also an eel called the dogface witch eel.  

Casting Instructions for  “Summon Fish to You”

Put your hand or wand into the water and chant: Come to me See what I See To make them swim away chant: Flee from me See what I See Chant as many times as you feel.  

witch on SUP
Agnes doing her morning paddle
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To Catch a Large Fish – Cherokee Shaman’s Charm

To have an abundant and large catch, the fisherman must chew a small piece of Venus flytrap and spit it upon the bait and also upon the hook. Then, standing facing the stream, place the bait upon the hook while reciting:   Listen! Now you settlements have drawn near to hearken. Where you have gathered in the foam you are moving about as one. You Blue Cat and the others, I have come to offer you freely the white food. Let the paths from every direction recognize each other. Our spittle shall be in agreement. Let them be together as we go about. The fish have become a prey and there shall be no loneliness. Your spittle has become agreeable. I am called Swimmer. Yû!   He will be able to pull out a fish at once, or if the fish are not about at the moment, they will come in a very short time.   

Be careful if you go out trick or treating and have a safe night.  Get out your Witch Balls, a hollow sphere of colored glass traditionally used as a fishing float.  Back in the day witch balls were hung in cottage windows in 17th and 18th century England to ward off evil spirits, witches, evil spells, ill fortune and bad spirits.  The hardest part is acquiring a pair of witch balls.

Fish On! 
Rich King

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