Zebco Surf Fishing Tournament

For the Title … KGB, King of Googan Beach

On July 10th, on Herring Point Beach in Cape Henlopen State park. fifty surf anglers will gather at 5 AM and have the first of many Zebco Surf Fishing Tournaments. Sponsored by DSF, DS Custom Tackle, and Fishbites. Almost positive Zebco won’t care about a little attention with us using their gear, for surf fishing. Why are we doing this? Because it is fun and that is all we want to do, fish and have fun. Also if the fake anglers are allowed to use this gear, why not actually catch some fish. Maybe make it a little more challenging and a lot more fun.

Signing up will be available soon and will fill up fast. The tournaments are free. Prizes are donated by our sponsors. You are required to use a Zebco push button rod combo, two per angler. Some of the older ones are serious little reels. I’m shining up my guns right now. Hell yes I am fishing this! Now to modify this broken surf rod with a different reel seat and see if we can send it with a nine footer.
Actually per the rules all set ups must be standard Zebco push button combos. Don’t use braided line the reel will turn it into high end dental floss. Been there done that.
Twenty pound mono is fine, even ten pound, after all we are catching the summer fish.

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Zebco Surf Fishing Tournament
Old school and new school Zebco guns getting ready for action in the surf.

1st place…. Surf Package From DS Custom Tackle
2nd place … mini top and bottom rig package from DS Custom Tackle and a small DSF flag
3rd place … DSF Flag small size
4th place to 10th place … DS Custom Tackle top and bottom rig and Fishbites packet
Largest fish .. this has potential to be hilarious … Penn Battle II reel
The most fish … Fishbites sampler package
No Calcutta
No skating rink or dog pound, because we will have a unique way to score this tournament. That will be explained to the anglers involved. You will be scoring each other (your neighbor).

Because I and the normal judges are fishing too.

Good luck!

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