Weekly Beach Clean Ups Will Resume

September 2nd will be the first beach clean up in nearly a year.

It has been a hot minute or ten since we did a full blown beach clean up. DSF has been hosting these for four plus years. Many of our regular volunteers or beach stewards have been taking it upon themselves to get out and do their part on their own.

Not Our Trash, But These Are Our Beaches!
We feel a responsibility to help keep the beaches clean. Most don’t realize it, but ninety percent of beach trash washes up from the ocean, Mostly via the Delaware Bay on our coastal beaches. We also do these clean ups in the dead of winter. Who doesn’t like a good cold beach walk to wake you up!

The last weekly beach clean up was in June 2020. Covid has put a real damper on clean ups. Then summer hit and we just got too busy to run any clean ups.

The point opens soon, September 1st, and we’ve always make a special clean up for the next day. I can’t think of a better place and time to start back up. September 2nd will be the first beach clean up in nearly a year!
We will meet by 9 AM at the Point Comfort Station Bathhouse and start at 9 AM ish. That is the small bathhouse parking lot near the the point drive on access.

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Beach Clean up volunteers head over the dune to collect trash.

After the point clean up on the 2nd of September. Weekly beach clean ups will be held every Tuesday at 9 AM until the weekends calm down. Then we will switch to Saturdays for the winter. It is nearly impossible to clean a crowded beach.
I have few new rules so we can be safer with covid. Subject to change per any of the state’s mandates. These are not optional. We are responsible for our stewards of the beaches. If any of these bother you go clean a beach on your own. It is that simple to clean a beach. Just pick up the trash.

I ask that everyone bring their own gloves and you must have gloves. Some of our stewards use the Reacher grabber claws they are great to keep us older folks from bending over.

We will provide five gallon buckets for trash collection, bringing your own bucket is helpful. I’m wondering if Peggy has a new design painted on her bucket. Using buckets is easier on the wind issues. Not to mention we consume less single use plastic this way, and less trash bags in general.

A chase vehicle or two will accompany the volunteers. To carry trash bags, water, and the volunteers back to the beginning point. If anyone wants to learn to drive on the beach this is an excellent time to learn. I only ask you be that chase vehicle in return for a lesson. Pick up trucks are preferred. We also use vehicles for the large trash items. You would be amazed what we find at times.

Covid rules in place for all vehicles, we only need two but if we have more people three would be nice. That is determined on the morning of the clean up.

Masks will be required during rides back from the end point. Windows down in all vehicles. Many like to walk back and beach comb anyway. This is not an option, if you don’t like the masks, do not come help.

We would prefer everyone stay spread out. I know many of us have not seen each other in over a year. I am excited to see everyone too, and get back to the weekly beach clean ups.

Bottled water and trash bags will be provided by DS Custom Tackle
We are not meeting at a restaurant afterwards but hope to continue with Iron Hill as we did in the past.

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Bucket of trash, we use buckets, make sit easier to carry and transfer to a trash bag.

We have a Facebook event page for every Weekly beach clean up, announced a few say ahead of time.
The following Tuesday Sept 7th we will meet back at the Point Comfort Station bathhouse and head south. Unless we have a lot of people on the 2nd, then will split up and do both beaches. That will be determined that morning. I will explain the process and what not to collect that morning. Especially why you don’t pick up trucker bombs and open them.

A schedule will be posted after this first clean up.
I hope to see everyone and some new faces this year.

Thank You
Rich King

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DSF’s beach clean up volunteers on Tuesday June 2020, social distancing the right way for a photo.

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