To Protect And Syrup In Maine

I love maple syrup, and anything made with maple syrup

Tyler Jepson started his maple career after he spent a season working at a sugarbush in Jackman, Maine. while attending Unity College for Conservation Law Enforcement. After that season, Tyler was contacted by Kevin and Shelley Bacon, owners of Bacon Farm Maple Products in Sidney, Maine, to work for them.
Under their instruction, Tyler learned day to day operations of a large maple operation that includes over 4,000 taps. The Bacons also taught Tyler how to design, install, and maintain the elaborate sugarbush systems that collect the maple tree sap. After college graduation, during the 2018-19 season, Tyler was able to use these skills to install maple tubing for Bacon Farm’s various clients across the entire state of Maine. In late 2019, Tyler set up operations for Jepson Maple in Hodgdon, Maine, where he is now a federal police officer in addition to running his own maple business.

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Sugarbush Operation tapping maple trees

Tyler works alongside Bacon Farm Maple Products in designing, installing, and maintaining maple syrup operations all over Maine, and Bacon Farm Maple Products. Jepson Maple uses their facility to process the syrup. Jepson Maple is now managed by his fiancée Caitlin Berchtold, who creates their maple syrup recipes. Such as maple beer bacon jam and maple apple pie. 

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maple syrup, jepson maple, to protect and syrup, maine,, maple candies,
Maple syrup has great nutritional value

Since Tyler has devoted his life to protecting others with his full-time job, and his free time to his maple business, the company’s slogan is “to protect and syrup”. Tyler spends all of his free days, January to April out in the woods. Tapping maple trees, and maintaining sugarbush tubing as needed, and processing the sap to make syrup. Caitlin then bottles and labels the finished syrup by hand. 

Jepson Maple currently ships maple products all over the United States. Recent orders have gone as far south as Florida and out west to Colorado and Idaho. Their current product selection includes the grade A maple syrup, maple sugar candies, maple drops which are maple hard candies, maple whoopie pies, various types of maple coated nuts, and maple cotton candy.

maple syrup, jepson maple, to protect and syrup, maine,, maple candies,
Jepson Maple products are available online.

Soon They will add more products to their line such as whiskey barrel aged maple syrup, maple cream, and maple pepper seasonings. Tyler and Caitlin recently purchased fifty acres of land in Hodgdon, Maine. Where they will build a custom sugarhouse and storefront in Aroostook County. Eventually they plan to build primitive campsites on the land. Allowing camping on site so visitors can see the maple syrup operation up close.

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