From Wigs To Whistle Pigs

Kevin gets the snag of the week, twice and it was only Tuesday

For once today is not April 1st and you can’t make this up. Last weeks catch was a wig

Kevin … I was hoping for our first day out it would be just another day surf fishing. Yeah, nope.
I loaded up the girls, I wanted to hit the beach for the first time and that east wind was going to be perfect. We wouldn’t even need to check the Damn Fly Meter. Sounds like a perfect day surf fishing right? It was fun and bizarre all at once.
So what had happened was ….

Kevin … I was catching some pompano here and there. When my line went tight. Reeling in I knew I snagged something. When I got it close I almost %*$# myself when I saw what it was.
My kids were amazed to see a dead groundhog come out of the water. I took some pictures and then buried it. By the way the DS Custom Top and Bottom rigs with Fishbites Bloodworm Formula were killing it with the pompano, and this ground hog (whistle pig). We fished a little more then called it quits. I figured this day can’t get anymore exciting. Boy was I wrong.

Ground Hog aka Whistle Pig snagged in the surf.
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Kevin … Leaving north of the Indian River inlet (Faithful Steward) there was a jeep and a Subaru WRX, both stuck side by side, blocking the access road.
I had no choice but to help, because the access was blocked and we always help when we can. As we all should. Then again the SRX fart can car driver probably wished I had turned around and went to Conquest. Dude, those things are loud!
I helped the jeep air down and he got out with ease.

And then this happened ….

Five guys were pushing the Subaru WRX, but it was buried. So I pulled out the tow strap, drove around and backed up to it.
He asked where he should hook it, I said wherever you want that can handle the pressure. That is not my call, this is not my vehicle, and I recommended the frame. I’ve learned from your horror stories pulling vehicles that hooking the tow strap is their responsibility, not mine. I even recommended a tow truck twice, but they wanted no part of that.

He hooked it around the “wing” on his trunk.

It was one of those dressed up fart can exhaust cars. I told him it’s going to pull the wing clean off. He said it’s bolted down very well and he just needed a small tug.
I said okay, no problem, but are you sure.

Just give me a tug!
So I gave her a little gas, a very small tug, and he wasn’t lying, the wing was bolted on solid. The car popped out of the hole just fine.

But … I heard a loud noise and my daughter said something hit my truck. I yelled out the window ” It better not have messed my truck up”. The guy that was 6’5 about 350 came walking towards my truck and that’s when I thought about taking off. I jumped out of my truck, I’m not small or one to back down and I am a little more than pissed. But be was just looking out to make sure nothing hit my truck.
Me still being pissed, I made the comment ” Why the Hell are you even driving a car through the sand anyway?”.
When I saw them laughing about it, that actually deescalated my temper. I just paid $45k for this truck. I snagged a whistle pig surf fishing and we just want to go home.

So I look behind my truck …

The noise was … It ripped his trunk off.

(Please tell me you have a picture of this? At this point I am crying laughing hearing this entire story. Just when you thought you have seen and heard it all.)

Kevin … Nope I didn’t have time for a photo op or selfies. I wanted to get my kids out of there. We already had a “full” day.
I tried telling him this was a bad idea, but he wouldn’t listen, and insisted it would be fine. He was right, the wing did stay bolted on just fine and we tugged him out. Just minus the trunk.

I was glad it went the way it did, well minus the trunk, literally. I was thinking, for a hot second, I am going to have to roll down route one with this trunk attached to my truck, being chased by a trunkless SRX making loud fart can noises.
Until these guys started laughing like crazy at their boy. I wasn’t mad anymore, no damage to my vehicle. I apologized, they said no worries man, easy fix not your fault, while laughing at their buddy and we left. Last thing I heard was Dude where’s your trunk, followed by laughter.

It was an adventure for my first time out this year on the Delaware surf fishing beaches.
Now we are having pompano for dinner, while telling torn trunk and whistle pig stories.

DSF … This is why rangers won’t pull vehicles, liability and insurance issues. They will help dig you out on occasion, but no pully pull.
This is also why we make anyone we pull out hook up their own vehicle. Their vehicle, their responsibility. We will tell them if it is a bad idea, if they insist etc. that is on them. We once watched the front of a mini van get torn off at Herring Point. We done told them not to hook it there and they insisted. Okay but this isn’t going to end well.

You just never know what kind of day you are going to have out on the Delaware Surf Fishing beaches. While making memories that last a lifetime.

This is why we take video of all the vehicles we pull. Not just the comedy, but the liability in case there is an issue.

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