Air Down Extra This Week Jeeps Just Do The Best You Can

It is ignorant hot at the beach, the air is now a liquid.

air down, beach driving, low prfile tires
Low profile tires not aired down. Took this truck 4 attempts with the hammer down to get off the beach. This also creates those annoying washboard bumps along the beach.

(August 11, 2021) … You might want to consider airing down a little more than usual tomorrow into the weekend. Mostly for the heat and the wear on your vehicle and transmission, but also for the beach’s sake. The hotter sand tends to be very loose, we call it sugar sand. Aggressive tire tread is really bad in loose sand.

coin beach, faithful steward, charles w cullen bridge
Faithful Steward, looking along coin beach at the Charles W Cullen bridge

Faithful Steward is really loose towards the Charles W Cullen Bridge. Herring Point to Gordons Pond is just messed up. The Lewes Rehoboth Highway is getting overused.

truck stuck on beach, faithful steward, savages ditch, delaware seashore state park
Truck stuck on Faithful Steward crossing with easy clean tread, not aired down
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It is much easier to drive across hot loose sand with less air. If you air down to 20 normally, drop to 18 psi, if you air down to 18 go to 16 psi.
Thee least I have ever aired down is 12 psi but that is pushing blowing a bead on your tire.  Take it nice and slow too, it will help keep your vehicle cooler. Vehicles that get overworked, especially jeeps, can blow a transmission line, or boil fluid out of the dipstick, and then catch the engine on fire.

truck stuck on beach, faithful steward, savages ditch, delaware seashore state park , aggressive tire tread, mud tires, bad tires for sand, delaware surf fishing, tires stuck in sand
Aggressive tread is not good on sand, notice how it digs itself in especially if not aired down.

We will see serious heat tomorrow leveling off into the weekend with possible thunderstorms. Be safe and smart out there. Stay hydrated!
Beer is not water, unless you’re drinking Coors or Miller lite. Then maybe drink more water for flavor.
The people who don’t air down will get stuck even faster, enjoy the show.

Fish On!
Rich King

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MY Cooper Evolution M/T All-Season LT295/70R17 121/118Q Tire on the beech at Cape Henlopen State Park aired down to 18 PSI. In the sugar sand I go down to 16 psi and just crawl along she walks the dog.
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The real weather outlook for the rest of the week.

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