Rip Current Warning Into This Evening

Day three of Hurricane Henry Storm Surge continues with flooding beaches

Expect to see flooded beaches at high tide today which is incoming now and peaks at 11:38 AM. The beaches are already flattened in many areas from constant wave over wash. Due to that today beaches will flood faster at high tide. Swales will also fill faster and drain just as fast. Swales can start to fill hundreds of feet away and all of a sudden you are surrounded by water.
Park above the last high tide wrack line and you will be fine. Point your vehicle n the direction you need to leave in case the beach gets skinny. Despite what we see in movies and TV ads you can’t drive through our sand when it is soaked.
 Do NOT Drive Through Swales (Tide Pools).

Rehoboth Beach web cams …
Rehoboth Beach Boardwalk web cam
Rehoboth Beach Cam
Rehoboth Avenue Webcam

Bethany Beach webcams …
Bethany Beach South Webcam
Bethany Beach Webcam South Surf
Bethany Beach Ocean View Cam
Bethany Beach North surf cam

I would expect to see the point completely wash over at high tide today. Any low spot on the beaches will fill in faster. This can cut you off from the drive on accesses. The surf is very wide with wash. That is where the short bass will be feeding. Rip Current Warnings 

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Indian River Inlet tides NOAA

DateDay of the WeekTime (LST/LDT)Predicted (ft)High/Low
2021/09/10Fri04:57 AM-0.01L
2021/09/10Fri11:38 AM3.26H
2021/09/10Fri5:32 PM0.14L
2021/09/10Fri11:55 PM2.94H
2021/09/11Sat05:42 AM0.03L
2021/09/11Sat12:30 PM3.29H
2021/09/11Sat6:29 PM0.31L
2021/09/12Sun12:45 AM2.74H
2021/09/12Sun06:32 AM0.13L

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