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We Don’t Give A Flying Flip What You Do On The Beaches

So which one are you? The person who actually surf fishes or the one who fakes it? Guess what, we here at DSF don’t give a flying flip what you do on the beaches, so long as we and others can actually surf fish. Despite what some may think we really don’t care. Mostly because we surf fish weekdays and we know nothing is ever going to change.
As long as you don’t inhibit others from enjoying their “space” do whatever you want. We really don’t care, we aren’t the beach Nazis. We leave that to the surf fishing club, they are very good at that job. Parks even allows them to harass nonanglers and tourists. Just ask anyone ever harassed by the Not so courteous patrol. I get those complaints constantly.

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We don’t fish on weekends, to avoid the crowds and catch fish. Too crowded makes for tougher fishing conditions. Weekdays we destroy fish, most days. Then the weekend happens, the surf fishing drops dramatically.
Not just the catching, but the actual surf fishing. The only thing that bother us about fake fishing is when we hear this … “I caught this by accident, now what do I do?”
Essentially these folks who don’t want to fish are forced to fish. Then if they actually (accidently) catch something, they usually kill it due to mishandling. No one requires them to actually know how to surf fish, just put a line in the water. Laws and knowledge are the angler’s responsibility is the fall back. Most of them buy their gear at Walmart so you aren’t getting educated there.
Sharks are treated the worst. That is when the cameras come out and the critter suffocates on the beach. These folks are coming to the beach whether you want them out there or not. So maybe, just maybe change the rules up to protect the fishery. Because forcing people to fish is killing wildlife, and our surf fishing.
The fact the beaches are an out of control parking lot on weekends is another issue. Tearing up the resource.

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