Beach Conditions Keep An Eye On The Tide Today

Nor’easter conditions and high tide post full moon lunar tide effects

May 29, 2021 … Water is pushing up to the dunes already on most beaches, high tide is at 11:40 AM. Even at low tide the wind will push water and surge towards the coast and keep the water higher than usual. Then we add the post full moon lunar effects. And that wind though. Typical nor’easter conditions. Minor coastal flooding is possible
for the inland bay communities and the Delaware Bay. At least the inland bays will fill up and flood the sand bars if anyone is still stuck from yesterday.

tide guage, Indian river inlet
Indian River Inlet Tide guage live times NOAA
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Keep an eye on the tides for surf fishing and beach combing. If you go surf fishing, I’d walk out and fish. Driving on will be impossible at high tide. Possibly closed eventually and water comes up fast in these conditions. Boats won’t be out and piers will be the next best bet. Try walk on fishing locations for some ideas. The out of the way creeks and piers would be another good bet at least for less weather. Stay out of the woods my trees are bending and dropping branches.

beach conditions
Northside beach at 10:45 AM. Looking towards the life saving station

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