Boat Competing in White Marlin Open Sinks

The boat Knot Stressin’ was taking on water sixty miles off the coast of Virginia. The Coast Guard out of Virginia came to the rescue as well as the competing boat Fishbone. Huge kudos to the crew of Fishbone for the save. Despite competing in the White Marlin Open, they took the time to help fellow competitors. That is how you do it, pure sportsmanship! no injuries were reported.
According to sources the Fishbone will be given an extra day to fish for their heroic effort. Good one on the White Marlin Open folks to allow that as well.

White Marlin Open Facebook page post … “Big thanks to the Fishbone who helped save the day for some anglers who had to abandon ship today 60 miles offshore! Everyone is safe and we are thankful for their kindness!”

The WMO scales are seeing a decent amount of fish for the first day. Been exciting to watch it online. The scales looked packed with spectators.

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Video of the rescue

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