Calmer But Wide, Check The Beaches At Low Tide

The last storm surge waves carved a new profile in the beach face, surf fishing structure is different for a while.

Surf is wide and washed out, but much calmer than expected. Low tide is around five thirty. I would go out now to dark and scout the beaches for good cuts and little tide pool holes. When high tide is in full, those will be the areas most likely holding fish. All of the beaches have a new profile that will reshape to somewhat normal in about a week. Meanwhile new structure everywhere makes for new surf fishing. Knowing the profile of the sand bottom under high tide is a good place to start for selecting a possible productive spot.

Surf edge in Delaware Seashore State Park at 8:30 AM Sept 24
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Traditionally many fish the same area for tournaments. That all changed with the new beach profile. These usual areas will rebuild eventually, but not over the weekend. All new fishing structure. Makes for more of an even playing field. Use the wide surf and that knowledge to your advantage. Anyone can catch fish with new and changing structure. The fish just need to move.
Re-bait often, every fifteen minutes, if you are using fresh or cut bait. Hold your rod so you don’t miss any hits on the light gear. Put out a big rod for the bigger fish. Keep a spoon or plug rod at the ready.

If I were fishing a tournament to select a spot I would read the beach the day before due to the new structure. I have my favorite spots, everyone does.

Tide Chart Indian River Inlet …

2021/09/24Fri04:51 AM0.39L
2021/09/24Fri11:27 AM3.04H
2021/09/24Fri5:30 PM0.50L
2021/09/24Fri11:39 PM2.68H
2021/09/25Sat05:24 AM0.54L
2021/09/25Sat12:05 PM3.02H
2021/09/25Sat6:16 PM0.70L

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