Non Offset Circle Hooks Required For Striped Bass

Coast wide circle hook regulation for striped bass

(Dec 30, 2021) … Now that migratory striped bass starting to show in better numbers, finally. Just a reminder if you are targeting striped bass in Delaware or anywhere on the east coast. Anglers are required to use non offset circle hooks for striped bass when using bait only. Any artificial lure; plugs, flies, bucktails, jigs, etc. are not required to have circle hooks. This was required by Addendum IV from the ASMFC.
Keeper striped bass caught without a non offset circle hook (incidental catch), while fishing for other species, must be released.

In Delaware, per DNREC, incidental striped bass catches are allowed for keeper striped bass. That is not allowed in Maryland or other states.
if you are like me and have a ridiculous amount of offset circle hooks how do you offset that cost? I spoke with DNREC and so long as the hook meets the requirements. I can bend my offset circle hooks.

It isn’t easy or pretty but saves a few bucks. The strength of the larger hooks would be a question after bending, but so far are holding up just fine. I broke a few of the smaller wire hooks.

Make sure you are measuring your striped bass correctly. With the slot limits that is important.
Good luck out there and if you are heading to jersey in a boat. Keep in mind the difference in the regulations between states. Also stay out of the EEZ on your return trip. Just posseting striped bass in the EEZ is illegal.

Delaware’s recreational striped bass fishing limits at one-fish-per day with a “slot limit” size of 28 through 35 inches, except for the period from July 1 through Aug. 31, when the allowable slot limit size is 20 through 25 inches in the Delaware Bay, Delaware River and their tributaries.

Striped Bass Incidental Catches Are Legal In Delaware

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