Beach Driving Hazard At Conquest

There is a small drop off on Conquest Beach

(Sept 24, 2021) … For anyone driving out at night to get a spot for the tournament. Seeing beach hazards and holes at night is tough due to shadows. This drop off is the same it would be deceptively small looking at night.
The drop off is on the upper beech at Conquest, just south of the drive on access. The drop is about two feet and fifty yards or so long. If you went across this sideways you would roll your vehicle. It is that steep. It is the back end of the swale from the Hurricane Larry storm urges. The wind will smooth this out eventually.

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The beach drops about two feet straight down at this point below conquest beach access.
The front sides of some of the swales are a little steep too. This one was deep when it was full of water. It would be over my tires.

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