Numbered Delaware Surf Fishing Tag Auction Ends today

Fourteen tags so far totaling $28,805.01 with four hours left to Auction

The Auction for the Delaware State Park’s Delaware Surf Fishing numbered tags ends this afternoon. So far the bids are up there and will probably remain. I think you are required to bid $200 over the current bid price. If you look at the bidders link, it is a few people battling over numbered tags. Double digit tags are getting the most attention. The select your number tags is doing really well too.
Maybe we can get parks to put in an undercarriage wash for our surf trucks with all this money they are banking off these tags. This money goes into the general park fund to only be used in parks. Many of us feel the money should be used for the surf fishing related needs first and the rest of the parks last. But knowing that parks is 60% self funded by making money like this I get it.
Besides the best undercarriage wash is the parking lots in Delaware Seashore and cape Henlopen state parks after a good rain.

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The select a number Delaware surf fishing tags are going for a pretty penny too.

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