Hurricane Larry Is Flooding Delaware’s Drive On Beaches

Beaches will flood at high tide watch for rip currents.

(Sept 8, 2021) …Hurricane Larry is moving up the coast and will flood our beaches with heavy storm surge swells into the weekend. Surf’s up, but not much fun for surf fishing. Expect to see flooded beaches and full swales during every high tide cycle into Saturday most likely. Most beaches have water pushing to the dune lines right now and it is two hours from high tide. Be careful of rip currents. Possible thunderstorms later today and tomorrow will be nautical.
High tide is at 10 AM today.
NOAA Launches First National Rip Current Forecast Model

Rehoboth Beach is fun to watch people are setting upon the high spot between the ocean and swales. Watch as the tide comes in on the Rehoboth beach web cam they will regret that decision.

Rehoboth Beach web cams …
Rehoboth Beach Boardwalk web cam
Rehoboth Beach Cam
Rehoboth Avenue Webcam

Bethany Beach webcams …
Bethany Beach South Webcam
Bethany Beach Webcam South Surf
Bethany Beach Ocean View Cam
Bethany Beach North surf cam

Use the Deldot Web cam on the Charles W Cullen bridge over the Indian River inlet. Be careful driving on the beaches, the swales will swallow your vehicle even when they are just wet. Check any wet areas by walking across them before driving just to be sure. Beach combing will be really nice the next several low tides and most of next week. Possible to see some crossings closed during high tide you can’t drive out on Faithful Steward right now it is flooded.
Do NOT Drive Through Swales (Tide Pools)

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Tides Indian River Inlet ….

2021/09/08Wed03:36 AM0.09L
2021/09/08Wed10:06 AM3.09H
2021/09/08Wed3:51 PM-0.01L
2021/09/08Wed10:27 PM3.25H
2021/09/09Thu04:15 AM0.00L
2021/09/09Thu10:50 AM3.19H
2021/09/09Thu4:40 PM0.03L
2021/09/09Thu11:09 PM3.11H
2021/09/10Fri04:57 AM-0.01L
2021/09/10Fri11:38 AM3.26H
2021/09/10Fri5:32 PM0.14L
2021/09/10Fri11:55 PM2.94H
2021/09/11Sat05:42 AM0.03L
2021/09/11Sat12:30 PM3.29H
2021/09/11Sat6:29 PM0.31L

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