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Fishing Report

Weekly fishing reports for the surf and tidal waters of Delaware.

Spanish Mackerel Triggering The Blues

Crooked Hammock Brewery Actively Fishing Lager and Beach Escape Session IPA seasonal craft beers. Mention DSF and receive 10% off your purchase. Yesterday at Key Box and few other spots the blue fish schools were also producing Spanish mackerel. Schools are moving by start tossing spoons towards them orSstingsilvers and deadly dicks.

Delaware Fishing Report August 23

Fishing Report for Delaware Waters, Beaches and Bays If you can avoid a summer cold, no matter what it takes do it! Day five and I can still hear colors thanks to the NyQuil which is the only thing keeping me sane. What is it about summer colds that make them worse than a winter cold. Speaking of cold we have a front incoming,

Maryland Fishing Report – Aug. 21

Maryland Fishing Report – Aug. 21 Striped Bass Summer Fishing Advisory Chesapeake Bay Oxygen Levels Maryland DNR .... August 21, 2019 Memories are made while fishing and crabbing and this guy is lucky enough to have a grandfather to take him crabbing. Photo by Jim Livingston We are on the back end of August and there are signs

Delaware Fishing Report

Delaware fishing report for August 16th Water Temperatures Are On Point The weather has been dicey the last couple of days. Flounder Pounder anglers have been out, but not in full force. That will change today into the weekend. Everyone fishes, or has to finish their set of three days. There are flounder about just have to find the

Maryland Fishing Report – August 14

Maryland Fishing Report – August 14 MD DNR ... August 14, 2019 Photo by Michael Carr No matter how seasoned one is as a fishermen, catching a noteworthy fish brings out excitement that is too often suppressed deep within us. Our daily trials can take a toll on our sense of childlike fun. This photo made me smile and caused me to

Cuda Been A WMO Contender Now You’re Dinner

Barracuda caught off the coast of Maryland and Delaware during the White Marlin Open The Gulf Stream brings us many strange, unusual, rare, vicous, and tasty fish visitors. Once in a while we see a catch like this barracuda. The other day Stephen Paris and his boys were fishing the White Marlin Open when they managed to troll up a little

It Finally Happened

Identifying Fish Can Be Hilarious Online Especially When It Happens To Be a Banded Rudderfish I have been waiting a long time for this day, and laughing for a half hour. That moment someone sends you a fish ID question and it actually is a banded rudderfish. For those in the know, this is funny because, the standard answer for any fish ID

Free Bait On The Beach Gnome What I Mean

There is a lot of peanut bunker are being pushed up close to the shore, and washing up on the beach. They are also easy to cast net or snag. No idea what is pushing them in so close. Dolphin, skate, shark, flounder, cobia, bluefish, or Spanish mackerel. It could be everything out there is pushing the bunker. They could even be just