Water temperatures dropped Dramatically Overnight

Ocean water surface temperatures dropped overnight by eight degrees.

(September 2, 2021) … It feels amazing outside, crisp and cool like an early fall afternoon. The water reacted accordingly with lower surface temperatures for the ocean. At Buoy 44009 the water surface temperature dropped eight degrees overnight. From eighty-two degrees to Seventy-four. The inland bays dropped several degrees as well, but not as much as the ocean surface. The USGS gauge measures the water temperature in Masseys ditch at the Masseys Landing Fishing pier, below the surface. It is a more accurate for actual water temperature and a live update.
This temperature drop should help the surf fishing a lot despite the stirred up silty water filling up the waterways. Expect to see dirtier water for a couple days, especially near Cape Henlopen. The Delaware and Schuykill rivers had a bunch of water dumped into her last night. That will all drain down this way over the next few days.

Links To Look Up Atlantic Coast And Bay Water Temperatures

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