Ethanol Free Fuel Now Available In Sussex County

Boaters can purchase Ethanol Free gas in Sussex County

(July 22. 2021) … For years now boaters, boat mechanics, dealers, and everyone using watercraft haven not only wanted ethanol free gas, but needed it. People would go to Maryland to just purchase this gas if they could. That and beer in a convenience store, because Maryland does that right too.
The issue is ethanol fuel literally “eats” the rubber hoses that supply fuel to carburetors and ultimately engines. That debris is clogging carburetors, and destroying engines. “I’d rather set one of these Sea Doos on fire, than clean six carburetors constantly. Every craft we have to work on has ethanol fuel issues.” says Bill at WMF watercraft & Marine in Millsboro on route 24. This is also an issue for lawnmowers and anything that uses “tubes” to supply fuel.

I know a lot of boat mechanics, which is odd for not owning a boat. They all say the same thing, that ethanol fuel drives them crazy. One would think that is good for business but it really isn’t. “It makes our job ten times harder, takes longer, and destroys the engines in the long run”.
Boaters will experience engine trouble while underway and are stranded with a dead engine, clogged from rubber debris. Not only does that put watercraft users at risk. It also adds to the work load for TowBoat US Indian River, the party sand bars are bad enough, yanking boats off weekly.

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Senator Gerald Hocker was planning on introducing a bill to allow gas stations to carry and sell ethanol free gasoline. Until his fuel distributor told him there is gasoline with additives alternative that is legal per EPA emission standards, but for Sussex county only. Sorry Kent and New Castle counties, but you don’t qualify, we have different air currents down here. You all up there in the big cities have air issues “inland” just blame PA everyone else does.
Score another one for the coast!

Ethanol fuel was introduced as an additive to cut down on air pollutants or emissions from combustion engines.

People can now purchase ethanol free gasoline at Hockers G&E Hardware in Ocean View, Delaware (30244 cedar neck road).

If you would like to see ethanol free gas at your local station (Sussex county only) tell the owner to talk to their fuel distributor. This is literally how the senator found out, he asked.
Amazing how that works. Right up there with using the Google before you ask Facebook.

Ethanol Free Gas at G&E Hockers in Ocean View

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