The Calm After Henri

Beaches look good just be careful of swales

The storm surge died down over night. Hurricane Henri pushed farther east yesterday. High tide is at 9:15 AM and all should be fine. Just be careful and park near the last wrack line. Stay away from wet swales or test them by walking across the wet sand before you drive. Swales will hold water under the sand and it is incredibly soft at times. When the tide is up the swales can’t drain as fast through the sand. Driving will be easier on the harder packed sand, until it turns back into hot, torn up sugar this week.
Low tide today would be a good time to read the beach to find cuts as these will form back up. One “tell” is where a swale drains, that is a cut.

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cut, run out, read the beach
This is a cut that formed from the storm surge, higher up on the beach where the swales drained.
Delaware seashore state park north beach at 7 AM

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