Rip Current and Small Craft Advisory

There is a rip current and small craft advisory into Saturday evening

(Sept 17, 2021) … Nawwtikkcuuhhlll is the condition this morning on all our waters and will last into Saturday evening. Beaches are getting a little surf wash but nothing to worry about for driving on. Just mind the incoming tide this afternoon if you are surf fishing as the swell size increases. The wide surf will cut the beach up a little more. Look for fish close to shore in that wash, especially short striped bass chasing food. Low tide is at 11:56 AM and high tide is at 7:07 PM.

Wide surf wash in Rehoboth this morning

Fish the rip currents that form up they are easy to spot. Try both sides. in the middle is rough to hold bottom. One way to fish the wide surf wash and big surf rips is use a drag sinker or even a bank sinker and just let it roll around with your rig. Hold your rod if you do that, casting constantly to reset the gear “drift”. Throwing spoons and lures is fine but tricky to maneuver the big waves. The predators will look for bait fish and what not being pushed around in that fast moving water.
Use The Beach Web Cams To Check Conditions

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Marine Forecast Discussion

Initially 3-4ft seas early this morning will build to 5-6 ft 
this afternoon as coastal low pressure approaches from the 
south. Additionally NE winds will strengthen through the day 
with gusts 20-25kts possible on the Atlantic waters. Therefore 
the SCA remains in effect through Saturday for our Atlantic 
zones. Sub-SCA conditions should prevail on Delaware Bay 
although gusts could approach 20kts at times. 


Saturday...A Small Craft Advisory is in effect for our ocean 
waters for wave heights of 5 to 6 feet due to a departing 
offshore low. North wind around 15 knots, becoming northwest, 
then southwest around 10 knots.

Sunday through Tuesday...No marine headlines are anticipated. 

Rip currents...

A medium-period swell will become increasingly rough today and 
Saturday as a steady onshore flow continues. Latest forecast 
guidance calls for breaking waves of 2 to 4 feet and potentially
higher by this afternoon, continuing through Saturday, which is
a favorable setup for the development of dangerous rip 
currents. As a result, we are forecasting a HIGH risk of rip 
currents for today and Saturday, although the risk may begin to 
decrease late on Saturday.

Indian River Inlet tides

2021/09/17Fri12:07 AM0.49L
2021/09/17Fri06:26 AM2.54H
2021/09/17Fri11:56 AM0.29L
2021/09/17Fri7:07 PM3.35H
2021/09/18Sat12:59 AM0.36L
2021/09/18Sat07:22 AM2.68H
2021/09/18Sat12:54 PM0.19L
2021/09/18Sat7:56 PM3.35H

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