Moon lit beach.

Moon lit beach.
The surf is glowing and calm, like the edge of a lake.
The moon reflects bright in the wet sand.
Wind is non existent, almost to the slack of the low tide now.
Nothing stirring in the water, but the lap of the waves.
The ships at the anchorage are aglow, small cities floating on the bay.
The light houses turn and turn.
I can see my shadow as clear as daytime.
Casting plugs along the jetties hoping for a strike.
Nothing hits, nothing stirs. Except the feeling of pure peace.
It is beautiful outside, cold, crisp, and clean. The moon will be full soon, for now it is close enough.
I can hear the geese in the marshes of Prime Hook behind me.
The plug pops, hops, and pops on the retrieve.
Seeing an occasional shooting star and the milky way in the background. These are the good things in life.
The rat race can wait til the dawn.
I will return to the surf for the rise of the sun.

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Moon over the ocean while surf fishing

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