Mystery Object Washed Up On Northside Beach

Every nor’easter makes for some interesting beach combing finds

May 30, 2021 … Lewis McCullough just sent us some pictures of this mystery object that washed up into the rocks at the Indian River inlet. My best guess is a desalination barge buoy. The ones right off the beach in front of Delaware Seashore state park. All of our weather buoys, sensors, warnings, and the like are yellow. With that marker light on top and the two crane holds it is definitely a buoy of some sort.
The fun guess is an alien space pod from Mars. It has been reported to the Indian River Coast Guard Station.

Video of the mystery object … Lewis McCullough
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If you are going to try some surf casting today be careful of debris that washes up. A piece of wood with nails could really ruin your day. Just takes a wave washing behind you loaded with debris to take out your footing.

Debris washed up on beach during storm surge

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