Parks Paper Bag Pilot Program Is Crashing

Delaware State Parks removed plastic bags for these paper bags

Just when I thought I had seen it all.
I can’t stand seeing plastic bags tied to the rails and fence at the piers and inlets. That is on the person doing that, however no one educates park visitors to not do this. There are signs that no one reads. One would think it is common sense.
I have heard people say you just tie it to the rail someone will come along and get it. Yes, that is true, but only because leaving the bag behind is littering. It seems that leaving your trash behind on the rail escapes them that it is littering at that point.

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The new pilot paper bag program for park visitors. This is in Cape Henlopen State Park. I guess that wooden box will keep the rain out?

Park employees during the season are wasting hours each day picking up trash. When they should be doing other tasks like park maintenance. Which is usually struggling due to money and time issues. Meanwhile a portion of that money and time is wasted on picking up litter. Money wasted in gas for the carts, pay for the employees, more trash bags etc.

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Gull tearing up a trash bag at IRI this will be all over the place in no time
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The solution to this problem might just be to get rid of the complimentary bags completely. If you don’t have bag to tie to the rail it won’t happen right? Parks needs to start looking into trash service for certain areas. It just has to happen. It is obvious you can’t educate the public, the people that do this don’t care anyway. The plastic bags were used primarily for pet waste and then left hanging on fences. To the point we started referring to he dune fences as feces fences.

The paper bags, though a noble idea are definitely not going to work with the way people use these bags. Educating these folks might help, but maybe start writing some tickets for littering too.

I mean if you look at the picture, whoever used that bag tried to hang a paper bag on the fence. That is the level of intelligence we are dealing with here. Hanging a PAPER bag to hold trash by the paper handle. Education is definitely part of he solution.

Don’t get me started on the dumpster bin at the southside inlet just allowing trash to blow all over the place and into the water. Does that thing really need to be that close to he inlet? Why can’t it be in the parking lot on the other side in the corner where it is out of the wind?
People need to start doing better by our natural resources.

Why we have to carry in and carry out

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A park’s carry in carry out bag hung on the dune fence full of trash.
Trash bags tied to the rail at Indian River Inlet
Trash bags tied to the rail at Indian River Inlet
trash at cape henlopen pier, carry in carry out, keep our parks clean, litterbugs are scum,
(2015) This was at about 8 am. You wouldn’t have even guessed it just opened 48 hours ago. Stuff all over the deck and stick in the chainlink. The fishing rod was also left behind as trash.

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