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Add A Fire Extinguisher To Your Surf Fishing Gear List

The required gear list for driving on a state park beach doesn't include a fire extinguisher. (sept 13, 2021) ... Parks should probably start thinking about requiring a fire extinguisher to the necessary gear list. We need a shovel for digging out a vehicle and how often do we actually do that? Many go out there with gas grills and

Jeep Fire On Faithful Steward

Around 12:47 this afternoon a jeep caught on fire on the beach near Faithful Steward Crossing in Delaware Seashore State Park. Smoke could bee seen a mile down the beach. It could easily be seen on the Deldot Traffic cams. The fire was out by 1:30 with Rehoboth Beach fire crews still checking for secondary spark ups and clearing the area.

Vehicle Fire on Faithful Steward

(Sept 13, 2021) ... There is a vehicle on fire on the beach at the Faithful Steward (Savages Ditch) drive on access, possible injuries. We do not have any details, a lot of resources are headed there now. You can see it on the Deldot Traffic cam from the Charles W Cullen Bridge's north tower. The fire is being put out right now. 1 PM update

Peanuts With Pancakes On The Point

The point was so nice today, second summer abides Nothing like driving out to the point at 1 PM, with no traffic and a not so crowded beach on a Saturday. The second summer crew was all over the place, good seeing everyone. Fishing was mediocre, but some were caught. Little kingfish and spot. Everyone was set up surf fishing and

Don’t Park On The “Hump” At Low Tide

Storm surge swells fill the swales fast, don't get stuck on the hump (Sept 11, 2021) ... Low tide was an hour plus ago (5:45 AM), high tide is at noon thirty. Heading out this morning surf anglers will see a surf washed cleared beach, wet swale areas and the "hump". That hump is between the swales and the ocean. It looks like high ground,

DO NOT Park In The Dunes

(sept 10, 2021) ... When we said stay above the wrack line, that didn't mean park in the dunes. I think the charge is like $200 per foot for damaging the dunes driving into them. People tighten it up, so far we have one jeep in a swale and one parked in the dunes, and it is only Friday. Labor Day Weekend was last week, the crazy is supposed to

DO NOT Drive Through The Quick Sand

Never drive through a swale (Sept 10, 2021) ... I hate seeing this especially when you tell people over and over and over. This jeep tried to drive through the swale a Faithful Steward crossing. Little hint, it ain't gonna happen. The sand on the ocean side of the swales that washes into the edge becomes like quick sand. You will never

Use The Beach Web Cams To Check Conditions

Before you head out to surf fish use the beach web cams to check conditions (Sept 10, 2021) ... The town beaches and all beaches are getting pummeled with large waves from storm surge swells. Rehoboth beach is flooding fast. Bethany beach is fine since her replenishment hasn't washed out as fast. These cameras will give you an idea of