Tour Of The Closed Sections Of The Cape Henlopen Fishing Pier

We dropped by the pier today to check out the newest closed off sections. The end is now closed another thirty feet. Nearly two hundred feet of the end is now closed. Each fence section is eight feet for reference. Can’t get the golf cart out past the first cage. That eliminates the elderly and handicapped people given rides to go out and fish. Honestly parks should think about reducing the charges to the pier shop and take less of a percentage until they get a hundred percent functioning pier. It’s embarrassing, build a new one we have the money. Our fishing licenses’ money can pay for the bond, and the pharm company can kick in that fifty percent they are required to pay to upkeep this place. I mean, Milk of Magnesia ain’t cheap.. Enjoy the tour.

Parks press release … DNREC announced today that the last 145 feet of the 1,300-foot Cape Henlopen State Park fishing pier will remain closed until structural repairs can be made. Additionally, the public will not be able to access certain closed-off sections along the side of the pier and two areas marked as “no standing zone.” The DNREC Division of Parks and Recreation decided to close this portion of the World War II-era pier in November 2023, during an annual engineering review.
The engineering review, now completed, produced a detailed evaluation of the entire structure, including an underwater review of the pilings by a dive team. The structural repair design details are finalized and the preliminary cost estimate for repairs is close to $1 million. Once funding for repairs is acquired, construction is expected to take three to six months.
Though the DNREC Division of Parks and Recreation has completed repair projects to the CHSP pier over the last 15 years, the pier has lasted well beyond its life expectancy. Repairs include removal of the unsafe, dilapidated end of the pier in 2012 and the addition of pile jackets in 2021.

Holes in deck near entrance saw a kid get stuck in this one.
Pier has an obstacle course of caged off sections
We will be hosting cage death matches in one of these mini arenas
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Another square cage for matches.
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